Must have features for Taxi Hailing app

As everyone knows that the on-demand cab booking apps are playing a significant role in our life, so there are numerous platforms for cab booking app such as Ola, Lyft, and Uber. More than 70% of the people are these using these apps for making our lives comfortable as well as time-saving. As per the market survey, it is predicted that in the upcoming years, around 90% of the people will use cab booking apps in their daily routine. As the basic functionality of such apps is to provide a ride for their users within the less time possible, so there are some features which still need to be in cab booking app for making the app stand tall in the crowd. So, if you want an on-demand mobile app for booking a taxi which should be accepted by the people then you should not miss out below given features:

Smooth sign up process

Most of the time the process of sign up test the patience for numerous people because time consuming or mundane list of inquired detail can even cost your potential users too. So, always keep your sign up process a user friendly by making it short. However, you can also incorporate a sign up feature by using any social media account, so that the user will not get the trouble for filling the details. So, this helps for making the users on-boarding smooth as well as this also help to forms a good impression of the taxi booking app.

Premium Membership

Given feature enable you to provide your users with the numerous options of premium plans because the given feature will help to benefit the users so that the users can enjoy their free rides regularly for some distance. However, distance and the frequency of the free ride offer will also depend upon the plan that the user will choose.

Car pooling

Cab sharing feature will help the users for sharing their ride with their fellow passengers who are riding to a similar location or on the location, which is on the way to one’s destination. It also helps in decreasing the cost of the trip for both the people. Additionally, this will also help you to cater to the requirements of more users, as well as the option of carpooling, will also help in serving the environment as well.

Advanced booking

Advanced booking helps your potential users to book the ride for the later stage, where a pop up message can be shown to select the date along with that the desired time of travel. So, this is mainly beneficial in cases of rush hours when users sometimes find it difficult for finding a cab.

Outstation travelled

Given feature of outstation services can help the users for hiring a car with a driver for particular hours or kilometers on the rental basis where users can book the taxi to travel in the city or for going outstation. Additionally, you can also include some customize packages for the customers describing a combination of a kilometer and time duration so that this feature will help the users for enjoying the personalized riding experience. It is also helpful for the tourism purpose as this feature will enable the users for booking the cabs to travel from one city to another, where they can also choose for having a certain number of stopovers. They can even decide whether they have to go to a selected location of any city or they need to move between the towns for visiting the places of the interest in the region. The charges for this booking can also vary according to the distance traveled.

Real-time arrival status

It is utmost necessary for your on-demand mobile app to have push notification as these push notification will help to inform customers as well as drivers about any information which is regarding your taxi app, offers, deals, and other campaigns. You can include push notification feature for notifying a customer when the taxi reaches near to the proximity or just when the driver is about to arrive at their destination. Real-time arrival status also helps the customer for getting the exact time when the cab will reach their destination.

Payment Gateway

Your app should have the facility of payment gateway for making the entire payment process hassle-free so that this will help the users for choosing the kind of payment method they want. Besides, the on-demand taxi app should make the payment within the app, which includes cash, electronic wallet, and UPI. In the case of online transactions, you can also use trusted gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, JusPay, and Stripe, where the user should be fully involved in each step. So, integrating such payments modules can involve technical complexities, so that it will require long hours and resources which mean more money.

Referral method

Referral is a method of giving incentives to the current users so that they can help in bringing new users to the platform. It is a good deal for both you and your users because you give your user an option for referring as well as inviting, so when the user clicks on that button, a link along with a message will get generated, so that the users can send to their contact by using message or social media account like WhatsApp.

So, if you are planning for launching your cab booking platform, then above given features are the must-have features in your on-demand taxi-hailing app. If you are looking for developing your own taxi-hailing cab, then you can contact us for getting your successful cab booking platform from our highly experienced developer and designers.


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