Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 Killer Web Marketing strategies to drive numerous leads and sales in 2017

Do you know the main role of the marketing team in a company? Well, it's to generate a maximum number of leads and pass it to the sales team. If the organization lead generation team is effective then you can successfully transform your business to brand.

If you want to become a good marketian of your organization then don't miss out reading this 10 killer web marketing strategies to drive numerous leads and sales in 2017

1. Quality Product/Service and Great Web Design

If the company is looking forward to establish a good profitable results then they should provide a better quality product or service to their customer. It's of no use to invest the large amount in advertising if the product or services don't have the fallout.

The best online marketing strategy is to build a right and effective website architecture by hiring the best website design company which can boost up the time and attention a visitor will spend on your website. The website layout is the first and last impression you can imprint on your customer mind. So, set up a website which is mobile friendly, responsive and compatible with all gadgets and browser.

2. Impressive SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is the only technique which will help you out in driving huge amount of customers from search engines. According to the recent survey, 90% of the clicks are recieved on the top 3 organic listing website.

  • Optimize Your Webpages with proper title, meta description, and keywords.
  • Perform Quality off-site submission on high Page rank website such as Alltop, Scoopit and Reddit.
  • Use Wikigrabber tool to find the dead link in Wikipedia pages and replace it with your website links
  • Spy on the competitor backlinks using SEO profiler and implement them for your website.

3. Effective E-mail marketing Campaign

Shooting a single email to your subscribers won't work great. Therefore to make your marketing campaign bombarding you need to be prepared with the follow-up email template and shoot it again whenever you analyse the status of the previous email.

Follow-Up is the best thumb rule for marketing and customer retention.

4. Focus on Conversion Rate Optimizatioin (CRO) Strategy

A major technique to analyze the user feedback for improving the website performance. It's the best internet marketing strategy which makes the website more effective and simple to explore. Further, it helps in generating numerous leads without investing in paid traffic.

5 best CRO tool to boost your ROI (Return of Investment)

1. Google Analytics
2. Crazy Egg
3. Kissmetrics
4. Google Tag Manager
5. Hotjar

5. Content Writing, Curation & Marketing

Content is called as the 'King of internet marketing' . So, if you are writing a quality content and marketing it on the major blogging platforms then their are great chances of generating good quality leads for your business. Marketing industry has launched numerous tool and resources like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs where we can decide the catchy title for our content and also explore our competitors content.

6. Go for PPC – Fast Driven Results

If you want fast results then migrate from Organic Digital marketing service to PPC. Start planning your daily budget and run a PPC campaign through google Adwords. Listed below are the few tips that should be implemented for making PPC a controller of your internet marketing strategy.

  • Looking for More click and Sales? If Yes, then forget about CPM, vCMP, CPV. Focus & Bid on CPC and CPA
  • Stalk on your competitors Ads and thus make your ad accordingly
  • Good Ad rank can only be achieved if the Ad Quality and landing page experience are great.

Use Google Partners for deep PPC learning

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the smart approach to reach the wide range of people and make them aware of your product/services. There are various simple, quick and free social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer which helps you to become more productive by promoting your products/services on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram with a single click.

8. Analysis is important

Great output can only be achieved if we analyzed the input. So, frequently checkout the Google Analytics and google adword tracker tool to determine what is working positive and negative in your marketing campaign.

9. Make People Your Affiliate

Prepare a list of your previous customer who has purchased any product or service and has faith in your company. Ask them to share your company information on the basis of commission based platform which goona be boosting the credibility and awareness of your business.

Keep checking out the prices of media goals like CPM, CPI, CPA and much more.

10. Hire PR (Public Relation) Agency

Hire a good PR agency and get your news, article and public statements on the media. It results in improving your business visibility, awareness, and branding.

Monday, 6 March 2017

How Your Web Page Ranking Get Affected by Your Web Design?

Apart from SEO practices, web design plays a crucial role in putting your website on top of the pile. It is what your audience see first and make their opinion about your business on the basis of its quality. Web design that looks appealing, perform properly and meets search engine's norms certainly help your site rank well. The majority of SEOs focus only on content and forget to consider web design, thus fail to achieve desired output.

If you want to achieve the top position, you must keep the perfect blend of SEO and web design. It not only helps you to delight Google but also your audience. Let's check out some important things that you should consider while designing your website.

Size Matters

Search engines don't like heavy pages. The size of your banners, images, content, videos and other elements on your site determines the page loading time of your web page. According to the Google, 0 to 2 second is an ideal page load time. When crawler come to your web page, it tries to retrieve your information. The faster your page loads, the easier it is indexed properly. If your page takes a time to load, search engines give it a negative remark which affects your ranking.

What is the solution?

  • Use compressed images.
  • In case using videos, ensure to embed them through youtube.
  • Avoid integrating flash.
  • Remove unnecessary javascript and flash files.
  • Avoid errors in HTML coding.

Use HTML properly

Designing a website according to SEO norms has become as important as every other vital aspect of web development. Only a reliable web designcompany make you aware about the best practices of web design and ensure to implement them in reality. They know that the search engine understands HTML, thus make sure to keep it clean.

Having HTML with lots of issues can put your site in trouble by creating hurdles for crawler in terms of reading your web page. Also, if your HTML is not in alignment with your content, it will drive Google to derank your web page.

What is the solution?

  • Keep proper HTML to content ratio.
  • Use SEO auditing tool to check HTML errors.
  • Ensure to keep the right content structure.
  • Check all your meta tags (title, description and heading tags).

Evaluate Usability/User-Experience

A few years ago it was possible to take a terrible site on the top of the search engine rankings with some SEO techniques. But now, the scenario has changed completely. Google keeps updating its algorithms to deliver quality results which have made it imperative for web designers to create websites that produce top-notch user-experience.

With the mindset of creating a fascinating web design, people forget to focus on UX which help in improving your raking. Also, it is challenging to maintain UX, if your web designers making something high-end. UX is much more than your web design, it consists navigation, CTAs, a number of clicks, site structure, theme, colors and more.

What is the solution?

  • Ensure to include user-friendly navigation.
  • Keep minimum clicks to ensure your audience rich to what they want quickly.
  • Minimum page loading time.
  • Responsive design.
  • Content length and structure.

Sitemap and visuals

Integration of sitemap in your website is important to make it easy to comprehend for users as well as search engine bots. It adds to your point tally and helps you improve your ranking. Many web designers give less importance to sitemaps due to lack of knowledge in SEO. Thus fails to make your website 100% search engine friendly.

Another crucial aspect of web design is its visual appeal. Many a times, web designers use unnecessary images, graphics, videos and other visuals to make a website look attractive. But excessive use of these visuals, make the site look crowdy instead of enticing.

What is the solution?

  • Use both HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Use necessary visual which should be enticing and relevant.
  • Use images that complement your content.
  • Ensure to give alt tags to all your images.

These are just a few but crucial web design aspects you must consider if you are willing to shine your site on search engines. If all of them are done in harmony with the mobile first approach, you will be able to deliver user-experience that boost your ranking.

If you have a further query about web design or willing to redesign your current website, then feel free to our design experts. We will definitely provide you with the best available solution in the market.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why Most Businesses Prefer to Have a WordPress Website?

Those who thinks that WordPress sites are just for bloggers and small businesses need to think about it again. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, VanHeusen, and Forbes run their websites successfully on WordPress. Today, about 26.4% of the entire web has been covered by Wordpress which is enough to convey the popularity of this amazing CMS.

So what makes WordPress the most popular Content Management System in the world? It is an open source platform that anyone can start using for free. It provides users with the bundle of plugins, themes, and layout which make it highly flexible to build a website the way you want.

WordPress goes beyond just a blogging platform and performs effectively for eCommerce, social networking and another type of sites. If you are not able to decide whether WordPress is perfect for developing your business website, then get acquainted with its incredible traits so you can rely on it confidently.

1. Strong community support
Wordpress has a huge user base which actively participates in its forum to help solve queries related it. Whether you know the basic or entirely new to the WordPress, you can get answers to all your questions instantly on the forum. Furthermore, there are plenty of blogs and websites that speaks about WordPress where you can learn everything from creating WordPress account to installing plugins and optimizing your web page for search engines.

2. Content-oriented
Content is a King! It is what help you engage the audience and inspire them to take action. Those who want to build content oriented sites, WordPress is an ideal choice for them. It provides you with the ability to add, edit, remove content on your site effortlessly regardless of knowledge of coding.

3. SEO-friendly
It is said that a website without SEO is like a ship without a sailor. Until you optimize your site for search engines properly it will not able to reach its target audience and accomplish its objective. WordPress allows you to integrate plugin like Yoast which assess your post and provide you with the metrics to simplify your SEO and make it perfect.

4. Attractive design, awesome features, and powerful functionality
When a business owner invests in a web development, he expects something beyond his expectations. WordPress provides developers with numerable themes and plugins to create a website tailored to client's unique needs.

It is possible to build a fully functional WordPress site without investing a penny. However, if you want to use that site to represent your business, then investing in plugins and themes certainly a wise decision in order to give your site a unique look and feel which is essential to draw attention and gain a competitive advantage.

5. Robust Security
Most of the entrepreneurs choose platform while giving prime most importance to website security. Certain WordPress themes are highly secure. They help you keep your data secure from spam attacks. Also, it is possible to keep a regular backup of your data by using plugins such as VaultPress.

6. Mobile responsive
Since Google has started giving preference to mobile friendly websites in its search engine result pages, it has become vital to turn your website design into responsive. WordPress comes with a mobile responsive code that enables your visitors to view your site via their mobile. It automatically detects mobile visitor and adjusts your site's setting for mobile viewing.

6. Instant and affordable web development
Website development is a time-consuming task especially when it involves complex functionality. WordPress takes the hassle out of designing and developing a website as it provides you with everything you need to build a top quality website instantly. Furthermore, it saves your cost. Thus, proves to be an ideal platform for website development.

If you have any query regarding WordPress website development, feel free to ask our experts. We would be happier than you to solve your queries and provide you with the best suggestions. Click here to get in touch. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Security Factors Those Should Not Be Overlooked in an E-commerce Site

In the last few years, E-commerce businesses have succeeded in skyrocket their growth. The momentum seems to remain the same in the year 2017. It's no more secret that the thousands of customers visit eCommerce sites every day and perform transactions. Online shopping is certainly on the rise and it has brought great opportunities for online sellers to earn amazing revenue.

Considering the increasing popularity of online purchasing, eCommerce web development has become a lucrative business option for retailers. However, one should not forget to see the another side of the coin that is security threats. E-commerce sites are the soft targets for the cyber criminals to draw the personal information about people including their credit card numbers and email addresses etc. The famous eBay hack happened in the year 2014 was the best example in this regards that unveil the vulnerabilities associated with the online business.

If you are wondering how to protect your eCommerce site, then look at these security factors that you should not overlook during the process of your eCommerce web development.

1. Selection of a secure eCommerce platform

You may find plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the market. But when it comes to choosing the one, make sure to prefer protection over glimmer. Get insight into security features and understand how it helps you safeguard your customers. If they are not convincing, then just go to the next one.

In terms of the popularity, Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify come on the top position. They are in the demand because they offer powerful security features. Choose the best among them that provide multiple layers of security to assure maximum protection to your site.

2. Utilization of VPN

Your customers perform a financial transaction on your eCommerce site. Thus they concern about security than any other thing as they share their personal information with you. Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can safeguard the transaction information of your customers.

If you find this option expensive. Then, you can consider VPN based on SSL which is far cheaper than the traditional VPN service.

3. Integration of multi-layer security

Implementing single solution can't be enough to protect your site from malicious attackers. Keep multiple options in place to deal with them.

No one gives the 100% guarantee for online security. Cyber criminals are persistent. They keep finding loopholes. The only solution is to create multiple layers of security. Thus, if attackers succeed in breaching one layer they find another in front of them.

4. Implementation of 2FA Authentication and SSL certificate

By implementing two-factor (2FA) authentication with your online store, you can enhance its security level. It asks valid users to reveal their identity by using two different ways of identifications. One way involves identification via code while another way including username or password. Here, cyber criminals or hackers may crack the username or password but it is difficult for them to find out code.

Most of the online breaches happen due to stolen credentials of website users. Hackers have numerous ways to steal or presume valid credentials of web users. An authentication method such as two-factor help stopping hacking attempts.

When it comes to the safety of transactions performed over the internet, SSL certificates considered as a standard in the existing time. It is vital for eCommerce sites to implement SSL to ensure the security of the connectivity between your online store and buyers.

5. Selection of a secure payment gateway

Your customers pay you through the payment gateway available on your site. While knowing about different payment gateways from Magento development experts at Panacea Infotech, we came to know that the right way of identify verification is the only solution to prevent cyber attacks. By making a selection of a right payment engine that offers maximum security can help you keep your store trustworthy and safe.

6. Make a wise selection of web hosting service provider

If you think the security of your eCommerce site depend on the software you have chosen, then you are right to some extent. But, there is an another key factor that helps you protect your site is web hosting. You get the two options including shared hosting and dedicated hosting to choose for your site. Dedicated hosting is considered as far secure than shared one. A reliable and experienced eCommerceweb development agency can help you choose the most secure web hosting service provider that provides you features such as SSL certificates and robust technical support.

Security is the prime most aspect of your eCommerce site that helps you win the trust of your customers. The more secure is your online store, the more customers likely perform online transactions on your site. Eventually, the safety of your site depends on the efforts you take and the tools you use to develop its functionality and security aspects. Choosing a right eCommerce web development partner, you can ensure the best possible security of your site. If you have any further query regarding eCommerce security, feel free to contact our experts.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Benefits of eCommerce for Sellers

Gone are the day's when customers needed to visit physical shops and malls for purchasing goods. E-commerce has changed the way business is done. Considering its benefits for both the buyers and sellers, it would not be wrong to call it as a holy grail of traders.  If you are still running your business in a traditional way, then you are certainly losing a big opportunity to grow your business. Your competitors are already online and reaping rewards of eCommerce. If you will not embrace it soon, you will be nowhere in the competition. The benefits of eCommerce are abundant. Let's look at some of them here.

No geographical limitation

Unlike physical presence that restricts you to a certain distance, an eCommerce site helps you to expand your boundaries throughout the world.  The whole world becomes your playground and you can reach a large number of your customers. Furthermore, the emergence of mCommerce provides you with the further advantage of overcoming all the geographical limitations.

Stay open, stay connected

This is one of the key benefits of eCommerce that help you get the ability to keep your business open for 24/7. It also helps your buyers to connect with you anytime, regardless of time and place restriction.

Less investment, great returns

When you run a business in a traditional way, you need to invest money in marketing or advertising for taking your business to your target customers. Also, geographical restrictions are there that limit your audience reach. Having an online presence, reduce your marketing efforts as customers reach you through search engines while finding services that you offer. Furthermore, you get an opportunity to connect with the audience at any corner in the word that certainly provides you with the more scope to increase your audience base. Eventually, you earn more in the less investment.

Cut your operational cost

Retailers need to spend tons of money on inventory management and task related to it. An eCommerce store provides you with the web-based inventory management system that automates your entire inventory management task and reduces cost associated with it significantly.

Understand consumers better

When you run a physical store, you rarely acknowledge that who are your right customers and what they exactly want. An online eCommerce store can you track your customers. You can track their buying habits, products they prefer to buy and their motives. Furthermore, you can allow them to give their feedback about your service and product on your website, so you can understand their needs better and improve your business accordingly.

More conversions, more sales

With an eCommerce website, you get a powerful alternative to reach more customers and attract them to your business. Additionally, you eradicate all the geographical limitations and become a global retailer that serve customers all the time. Today, consumers are moving towards eCommerce rapidly. They find it immensely convenient than a traditional way of buying. A well designed eCommerce site can help you get more eyeballs to your business and increase your sell.

E-commerce has become a necessity than a luxury in the existing era. The above-mentioned benefits of eCommerce convey its significance in today's business world. Associating with a reliable eCommerce development partner, you can build a robust eCommerce site or online store that certainly help you gain all the benefits it offers. If you have any query, feel free to ask our experts. We will happier than you to provide you with the best possible solution. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Why Choose Magento to Develop Your eCommerce Website?

Are you planning to build a powerful eCommerce website for your business? Before investing your hard earn money, make sure to choose the right platform that helps you reap great rewards.

When it comes to choosing a platform for quality eCommerce development, there is no comparison with Magento. It supports around 25% eCommerce sites across the world including some renowned brands like Nike, Huawei, and Samsung.

Why Magento?

Though there are many eCommerce platforms available in the market offering unique features for merchants, Magento is considered as the most trusted one for small to large businesses. It is an open source platform that features functionalities essential to support a dynamic online store. It not only offer a wide range of excellent features but also provides store owners with the flexibility to operate their online stores effortlessly.

Let's see the few key characteristics of Magento that make it an ideal choice for modern merchants.

  • Highly user-friendly platform.
  • Designed specifically for eCommerce.
  • Loaded with a wide range of easy to use features.
  • Simple and secure shipping management, payment and product building.
  • Instant and flexible functions.
  • Auto updates to the website.
  • Helping in developing scalable websites.
  • Support multiple stores at the same time.

What makes Magneto the best in the pool?

E-commerce marketplace is experiencing a cut-throat competition among online merchants. Demand for innovative features and minutely changing buying patterns of customers have made eCommerce development a challenging task for developers. Magento enables developers to fulfil new generation merchants with cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. It helps build online store integrated with features that help sellers stay ahead of the customer's trend and deliver quality user-experience necessary to generate sales and revenue.

Here are few crucial features of Magento that make it stand tall in the crowd.

  • Open source platform having the support of the most active community of eCommerce developers.
  • Tailor-made for eCommerce.
  • Out of the box features.
  • Integration of innovative extensions.
  • Google analytics, store and sales tracking.
  • Provides you with the freedom of choosing hosting service.
  • Facilitate cost-effective expansion.
  • Easier integration of the third-party apps.
  • Customizable and modular.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Enable you to create a platform that loads fast.
  • Allows creating a mobile friendly store with its HTML5 capabilities.
  • Run multiple stores from a single backend.
  • Cost-effective eCommerce develolpment.

The list doesn't end here. These are the only key characteristics of Magento which are sufficient enough to convey its superiority over other platforms.

How Magento eCommerce development help you boost your ROI?

Magento helps you build a modern online store which enables you to establish a powerful online presence, simplify your business and provide you with higher ROI. Let's see how it turns your online business into profit.

Today's customers want instant gratification. They want to purchase product instantly from their favorite eCommerce sites. Magento enables you to integrate easy checkout process in your website with its checkout extension which combines various processes of checkout into one. Thus it simplifies the purchase and stops buyers from abandoning your site during checkout. Eventually, it increases sales.

Lengthy and complicated checkout process can not be the only reason buyers abandon your store. There might be some other reasons that you must know to improve your selling process. Magento detects abandon shopping cart by tracking the checkout process. Using this information, you can take a follow-up of such buyers and find out the issue they encountered. This gesture from you can inspire your shoppers to visit your store again and complete the order.

Buyers forget your site's link easily. Chances are high if the link is complicated or too long. Most of the buyers prefer to find products they like by searching it on Google or other major search engines. They find out your storefront through search results. Magento provides you with the extension that not only turn your link into short and search engine friendly but also help you optimize your entire product page. Ultimately, your page gets found easily on the internet that resulted in more customers and sales.

Last but not the least, Magneto helps merchants to create eCommerce websites and stores with a responsive design which is highly crucial in today's mobile world to deliver quality user experience across all the devices. As your website will perform well on desktop and mobile it certainly succeeds in engaging more customers and provide you with higher ROI.

The above-mentioned information about Magento is just a glance on features that it offers. You can get much more than this by embracing Magento eCommerce development for your business. If you have more information about Magento development, please feel free to contact us. We will be happier than you to solve your queries and provide you with the best possible suggestions.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

How can #HashTag affect your Target Market on Social Media Sites

We are very well aware about the #hashtag. But have we ever thought How it can influence our social media marketing strategy as well as Target Audience? I think, not every common person can predict much about it.

So, let's take a walk to the both sides of the same door that are entirely different.

In our social media sites, peoples love to use hashtag while they are creating their post. But at that time we never think about how it influence our post. Suppose, we are handling an IT Company, our target audience is between 25 to 65 above age group. And we want to create a post which will target certain areas of any country. In that, our main objective is to generate business opportunities from our post using a hashtag.

Overrated and Overused #Hashtag “Does it affect our Social Media?”

In the Digital Marketing world, we are trying to retrieve information (topic/discussion/hashtag) from different social media sites for understanding the current trends. After having the list of the trendy hashtag, we will use it in our post. But we can't even predict about its result. We do it in the same way daily. What will happen if it is not reaching to our targeted audience, age group, geographical areas? I think, it is non of use or waste of efforts and time.
So, Before publishing any post, we try to find out how much it can affect our social media post.
  • 1 or 2 hashtags will give you approximately 800 (Avg) interactions.
  • 3 to 5 hashtags will give you approximately 608 (Avg) interactions.
  • 6 to 10 hashtags will give you approximately 378 (Avg) interactions.
In a nutshell, we can say that 2-3 hashtag per post is very beneficial for us. But this analysis is not suitable for all type of situation because of the market trends, the content of the post (images, videos, text, hyperlink, hashtag) can also affect our interactions and engagement rate in various situations.
Using hashtags, we can only able to build a link or bridge for other relevant posts which gives us more reach, interaction, engagement, popularity only if when our content of the post containing good material.

Now, you may understand what & how much hashtag use for a single post.

Are you really sure from now that your post will give you the better result?
I think not sure, you need to know some more important aspects of using a hashtag in your post.
  • A hashtag can take your post in other direction only if the hashtag reflecting various meaning itself. For example a Hashtag #Orange in the post: #orange can be considered as a software, fruit, manufacturing industry name.
    • So while we are posting it we need to define hashtag clearly: “#orangefruit” if it comes under fruit category.
    • It should not contain single word until it is popular in the trends of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and useful for your post. It should reflect a complete meaning which is relevant to your post.
Conclusion: Sometimes hashtag can help you to boost your post but we need to always be conscious about “Are we achieving our target audience or not ”?