How Good Corporate Cab Booking Apps Enhance Employee Experience?

Cab service industry is rapidly growing, and now it is even aiming to capture the corporates by offering cab booking services to employees for becoming one of the most crucial modes of transportation across a lot of countries where the cab industry is rapidly evolving as an essential market today. Therefore, most of the businesses are stepping into a corporate taxi booking system for leveraging their fair share of the growing market. Even as per the recent report from Statista shows that the revenue of Taxi App Solutions in the U.S. alone is expected to reach up to 2,841 million U.S. dollars by 2022. So, cab-hailing and taxi booking applications are becoming omnipresent for most of the corporates. In fact, most of the corporate people are using a taxi for day to day travel, so it has pushed this market to rise at a remarkable pace. 

Previously the dependence on the privately owned vehicle was quite high, and public transport was the only single fall back option. Today corporate employees use taxi services for a trip to and from the airport or when someone needed to travel during odd hours. In fact this has continued until taxi hailing firms like Lyft and Uber has come into the picture. However, these firms have also entered the market a few years ago with the proposition of convenience, attractive rates, and ease of use and with taxi booking, but now numerous local companies then joined the league of replicating the Uber and Lyft business models. Therefore, with employees used this facility in their personal lives, as they started demanding this convenience in their professional live as well.

However, it was tough for cab booking services to break into the B2B market, as it involved long term business relations even though less unpredictable than the B2C market, where the B2B market also required the services which could assert long term business relationships and a systematic movement of the workforce, but here how could base taxi dispatch systems geared up for serving the corporate world among the intense tech leading taxi booking competition.

What is corporate cab booking services?

Corporate people face two issues when it comes for booking a taxi service which is delay and security. Security perspective every company should be registered and regulated by the local governments. In order to facilitate security as well as ensuring the corporate employee’s time saved is a big challenge for taxi booking services companies. Therefore, to bring the solution to this day to day problem of the corporate world, Panaceatek introduced a cloud-based dispatch system for the working people, where the taxi dispatch solutions have solved the issues of delay in time as well as for ensuring the security of employees with their valuables.

How cab booking services are beneficial for employees?

It is the best solution for providing an online booking and dispatching services in the corporate market where time and security of the employees are the major concerns, so this helps for making the corporate transportation easy as well as hassle-free in case of about dropping off an employee to an airport or for arranging a pick up and drop off facility for employees or visiting various business partner for this solutions to ensure a great ride experience. This adequately manages all the travel needs of the employees and the business on the whole without letting you worry about your employee transportation.

How this can help for employees?

Point to Point travel

Employees can travel conveniently within the city in a sedan, hatchback, or SUV.

Outstation corporate trips

Employees can easily travel for site visits, or for factory visits where the solution allows employees to go anywhere even for off-sites.

Rental solution for executive

Business can book custom rides with multi-stop as well as wait for options as this is ideal for employees to visit multiple clients in a single ride.

Pick up and drop service

It arranges daily commute facility for employees to travel alone by using a fixed route or with a group of colleagues.

Events and Bulk booking

This help managing a group of taxi booking for clients or guests pickup, in bulk during the business, events, conferences, and celebrations, etc.

Below are the given features to enhance employee experience:

Low costs

Most of the employees pay only for the distances traveled, so with the help of flexible and point to point billing solution user can pay only for the distance which the employees have traveled during the ride. So, this also helps to reduce the cost of employee’s transportations up to 30% as compared to the traditional means of transport.

Time saving

Cab solution also provides hassle-free expense reporting for eliminating manual bills as well as receipts, where the employees need not have to worry about keeping or tracking the receipts. So, the system emails the receipts for each ride taken on the registered user email address and along with a complete ride summary.

Flexible billing system

Cab booking system helps for providing the multiple payment methods to allowing direct billing to the company on a periodic basis where employees can make use of mobile wallets as well as cash for paying for their ride.

Convenient booking

Convenient booking feature enables you to book ride from one place to another where the centralized booking officer can also book rides for your employees as well as for some guests.


Cab booking system tracks each and every business ride for giving the insight into your employees travel because if it sends an extensive report about the travel for enabling you to control the travel spends as well as to optimize the travel plan.

So the bottom line is all the technological enterprises have come to an edge for providing corporate transportation services at an unimaginable scale with an attractive price or with a potential opportunity on the horizon, so it is utmost important to understand the customer needs or the sensibilities for crafting a system which suits the corporates system. Hence if you want to know more about employee experiencing by providing cab booking system then contact Panaceatek for today or learn how to set success for your employees.


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