Top Leading E-commerce Website Design Trends in 2019

Customer doesn’t care about how much information you have on your website until you have an attractive layout which helps to keeps them engaged. As per the survey from Statista, the number of digital buyers worldwide for 2018 has reached 1.79 billion, and the forecast for next year is even more promising with the numbers expected to get to 1.92 billion. So, with the dozens of ecommerce website popping up everywhere around the web, one wonders how many of them have the best design? 
As most of the ecommerce website development administrators let go of the design aspect, so there are multiple reasons for this and one of which is they don’t know anything about how to give attention to detail, another most common reason is their lack of interest in providing customer the best experience in terms of what ecommerce website has to offer. So, this customer experience that we speak about is often overlooked every now and then where customer tends to pay attention to design, and this can also affect their purchase decision, so that is why all great ecommerce website has one thing common, is a great design.

Below are the given essential website design trends, as well as some of the best ecommerce web design inspiration for any business owner who is looking to capitalize his business:

Attention to a background

Your website has to have the ability for keeping users interacting, so to do this, make a good first impression because paying attention to the background is one of the best ways of enticing users as well as making them stay on your site. Nevertheless, minimalism is a very important design element which can sometimes get in the way of creativity. So, for 2019, website design will help to embrace the use of video or animated content in the backgrounds of the website’s layout. So, you can undoubtedly expect a spike in the traffic to your website, and as a result the conversion rates are also likely to be boosted as well.


Using micro interaction technology in website design is relatively new trend which can help you to make its way into 2019. As micro interactions are small interactions between a particular user and a site. So, it will help the users to accomplish certain tasks by acting like direction. However, these features aid user in the below-following ways.

· It helps to provide users with valuable feedback as well as the consequence of an action which they did on the website.

· It also informs the user's right after completing the task.

· It helps users to stay engaged on the site.

· It helps to prevent errors of operation by showing users every step of the process.

KLM is a good example of the use of micro interactions to provide a reason to travel for any user on the site. So, this feature has the power to influence the user to make a quicker decision in your favor.


Initially, communicating with bots felt quite unnatural, so this has changed in the last few years, all thanks to the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence numerous sites started using bots to help to improve communication between the seller as well as the buyer. However, chatbots can also help your sales team to be more effective for finding promising prospects for the business because enhanced interaction between the customer and your website will help you to create numerous opportunities for you to grow your brand further. So, below are the given best chatbots.

· eBay

· YesSire

· Lyft


Responsiveness is the need of an hour for every Magento ecommerce development because by including the responsive technique can help to ensure that your website is easily accessible through any device. So, making your website responsive can also help the shopper to make the purchase as well as to leads to a need for a mobile compatible website. However, responsive websites scale on a number of platforms, so having a mobile compatible site which is easy to follow or navigate will likely result in higher conversation rates. Thus, there is multiple web design testing tools which can be used for making the website responsive.

Long Scroll

The long scroll is a strongly established web design trend, yet extensive usage of smartphones has put this element in a new light. Nevertheless, clicking on mobile devices may seem an issue for some, but scrolling is habitual, and also users have no doubt about using it. So, the long scroll is the perfect take for websites that are used for storytelling as it takes the users throughout the site for providing an upgraded interaction. However, long scrolling can also be added with an engaging image to keep users interest live. So, to maximize conversions embrace the “above the scroll” approach because a twist to the "above the fold" term used by a newspaper, where it represents the information visible before you have to scroll.

Hover Effects

Hover effect helps the users to get the immediate information on a certain element as hovering the mouse over an image shows a related content about the products. So, such design is becoming an essential feature for ecommerce websites as they are helping a shopper to provide vital information to the users without actually clicking on the link. However, the hover effect also makes it easy for users to know about the specifications of a specific product immediately.

Material design

Material design is one of the most essential design trends where the designing is done with the help of micro interaction by including subtle animations. So, all these elements give way to the user friendly browsing experience, and on another end, most of the website give attention to the user centric elements to increase conversions. However, the material design also helps to create a sense of depth and lets the user to see icons in a more specified manner. So, given material design has a lot in common with a flat design, but the only difference which lies in the depth and shadow, which is essential to the overall aesthetic. Additionally, it also provides the ability to express your brand as well as flexibility across different operating systems like Android and IOS. So, below are the given examples of material design:

So, for wrapping up,’ Good website design is all about getting the multitude of factors right, for example, image layout, color scheme, and so on. So, it is essential to treat each element as important as the next because the next aim of the ecommerce site is to create engaging, smooth customer journey which can help to make it as seamless as possible for the shopper to make the purchase. Hence, investing in your own site is a great way to start and to do this well, you have to know what is trending and how you can apply it to your own design. So, we at identified some of the best website design trends to expect and also looked at ecommerce website design inspiration for 2019 to get you started.