How to Avoid Common Design Mistakes in eCommerce Store

Today, the average consumer has immense information available at their fingertips, so a user cannot purchase anything without seeing product recommendations as well as reviews. Along with that they often differentiate the product with other similar products in the marketplace, which means that the eCommerce enterprises need to focus more on giving positive customer experience if they want to be successful as well as profitable in the market. Therefore, with the emergence of Magento website development, customers are getting more inclined towards the search and buy products, where online website not only helping to provide the convenience of buying something while sitting at home, but it is also assisting the consumers in checking reviews, compare products to make an informed purchase decision. So, the eCommerce website companies need to ensure that your site is well designed to deliver a positive customer experience. However, a happy customer will come back for repeating purchase as well as for boosting your sales. On the other end, if a website fails to make a good impression on your set target audience, then you run the risk of losing the competition, and you could even end up getting negative publicity as well. 

Below are the following mistakes which you need to avoid while designing the ecommerce website: 

Insufficient Payment Options 

A long and complicated checkout process on the eCommerce store can cause a potential customer to leave their site, which in turns also affects the conversions. Even as per the study conducted by the "Baymard Institute" has also found that the compound or complicated checkout process is the third most obvious reason for a shopper to drop out and with the rise of the online banking, UPI, wallets, and other modes of payment or unwillingness to expand your store payment option will also cause you nothing but a loss. However, Magento design exceptions are there to make your task easier. So, in order to optimize the number of customers you get and encourage them to shop at your store, so make sure you provide them plenty of payment options. 

Insufficient Product Description 

The only way why people hesitate to shop from online is the lack of feeling as well as the inadequate information about the product because when a people buy from a local store, then they see the product from every angle and then they make their decision. So, when you provide the same experience on your ecommerce website development, then it will help them to grow excessively. However, a way to turn this desire into reality is by incorporating the Magento design pattern. Therefore, if you don’t provide a crystal clear pictures and description of the product, then the user will most likely to look up from the specification elsewhere end up purchasing from another competitor website. 

Product Image Quality 

Product image is one of the most crucial aspects of the ecommerce site as it plays a crucial role in your conversion process. So, online shopping is an alternative to shopping at the store, so a shopper should be able to see precisely how the product will look. Therefore, one of the main reasons for a shopper to shop from a physical store is because they get to see what the product is actually like in person. So, in addition of having the products on display think about how much a brick and mortar store focus on lighting and other display aspects so that it can help immediately catching the attention of the shopper. However, the same goes for online shopping, because a well-designed products page will help you in improving your shopper experience by providing rich product information. Along with that their design should be in such a way that it should look clean and attractive along with that it should also provide a clear value proposition to your shopper by telling why they should buy from your site instead of from your competitors. 

Slow Loading Speed 

According to the numerous studies, the most crucial factor for keeping users engaged to the website is the loading time as well as the speed, so it is quite evident that if your website is slow, then the most of your visitor will drop off and then never come back. Nevertheless, even a single second can cost you numerous customers and an enormous amount of sales. Also, as per the studies, it is shown that loading time delay of even one second can degrade your conversion. Therefore, the Google page speed insight tool can also help you to identify or to resolve the problem. 

Improper Categorization 

Nothing puts off the end-user than not finding what they are looking for in a hassle-free manner, so when a website is not categorized, then the difficulty of navigations is most likely to annoy the user so to such extent that he or she might not give your store a second chance. Therefore, by adding multiple categories and subcategories as possible so that the need for manually searching for an item' will get eliminated. However, categories should also maintain the forward scent features images to link directly to the product list with the item pinned to the top apart from the appropriate classification, so that the required filters and shorting options should also be incorporated. Nevertheless, if you think there is a category with less or no products, then try to eliminate the category until you get sufficient stock for it. Hence, the Magento custom design product page is to help you to provide the solution for all your categorization issues. 

Not Providing Search Option 

Keeping a search feature in your ecommerce website can help to improve conversion rates as well as it also satisfies the customer with the given service, so as per the research by “Bayard Institute” showed that the search feature by ecommerce website is more used in a product finding than the category navigation. However, ignoring search features for adding to your site will give you decreased mobile conversation, reduced SEO, and lesser organic traffic. So, you need to put a mobile search box where it can be easily accessed and used, so by doing this customer can engage with it to make their experience even better. Besides, you can also incorporate the autocomplete features in the search box to help them to save time and to reiterate their queries. 

No Social Media Integration 

Syncing your product as well as service in your social media can help to tap more of your audience and paying customers, so by doing this you can boost your social sales. As per the market survey in 2018, at least 90% of online followers are reaching out to a specific brand by using various social media platforms. Hence, social media is an easy or seamless way to advertise your products, so it can also help to give you more than what you invested. Therefore, you need to showcase your product on your social media page and put a link in the description to proceed to your site. Besides, you can also put a social button on your product page, or even after the buying process to let them share their experience. 

So, for wrapping up,’ above are the given mistakes which you need to avoid while Magento ecommerce development because it is crucial to build your ecommerce website in such a way, that it should help you to provide a world class customer experience because a great customer not only repeat the purchases, but they will also help you to spread a positive word of mouth. Hence, design error not only help you in the ecommerce store from becoming a liability, but it will also help you to generate immense revenue which can mark even in further progress and development.


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