A Comprehensive guide for Magento Security Audit

In case of brick and mortar store' audit is an examination of different parameters like sales, price, and advertising campaign as compared to any other competitors, but for ecommerce, it consists of a considerable number of variables which requires a different approach. So, there are various tools and services which can help you to perform a Magento Security Audit or Magento security scan, and you can easily save money and time by making sure to have the right anticipations in place to keep your ecommerce site safe. Below are the following ways to which you can keep your Magento website development safe from malware or other cyber-attacks. 

Payment Processors should be PCI Compliant 

Magento eStore owners can choose a wide range of payment processors and standalone solutions, but the problem is, all these tools give a distinct level of security, so when the leak happens, the store pays up, not the payment processor. However, a business should be responsible for providing your customers with a guaranteed safe checkout, and your merchant account must be investigated, suspended, or even frozen as a result of a data leak. Therefore, making payments safe is a foundation for your ecommerce security measures. So, the "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard"(PCI-DSS) created exactly for the same as it ensures that a PCI compliant processor offers adequate protection to all the online payments through their tools. 

Patch Your Magento with a Latest Version 

Magento 2 has a core extension which displays M2 version of your store who wants to see it, and when it is active then you have to write store.com/magento_version/in your browser, and then it will tell you which version your Magento runs. However, Magento 2 is an open-source platform where anyone can see the code, read what bugs and issues have been fixed in the most advanced release. Therefore, the best way to fix your Magento 2 security issues right after an update is released, because this will help you to be protected against known vulnerabilities. 

Magento security patches 

It is only available for Magento 2.3 where Magento two factor authentications ensure your website safety by adding another step in the login process to access Magento admin. For an e-commerce store owner, two-factor authentication allows you following points: 

· Secure Shell (SSH) 

· Upload Pre-Patched Files 

· Run a Script 

Two-Factor Authentication for Backend Users 

It is only available for Magento 2.3 where Magento two factor authentications assure your website safety by adding another step in the login process to access Magento admin. As an eStore owner, two-factor authentication allows you following points: 

· Can manage authentication settings from anywhere. 

· Can also manage authentication settings for any user. 

· Reset authenticators at anytime, anywhere. 

· Manage trusted devices from users. 

These factors also ensure that you have complete control of who enters your backend while allowing a safe login for your employees. So, there are four different authenticators that you can use while enabling two-factor authentication: 

· Google Authenticator helps to generate and enter a code from the mobile application. 

· Authentication will be in different ways like number code, touch ID, and phone call. 

· Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Keys requires a Physical device to enable login. 

· Duo Security helps to send an SMS or Push Notification. 

XXS Prevention 

Cross-site scripting (XXS) is a computer security vulnerability which allows hackers to inject harmful coding into web pages, so there are three main vulnerable types of cross site scripting which is necessary to avoid introducing vulnerabilities into the Magento code. Therefore, the best way to prevent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities from getting your ecommerce website development’ is to apply all the latest security patches and audit all your sites 3rd party extensions. Besides, it is also important to remember that the poorly coded custom module may open your website up for the cyber-attacks. 

Solid Backup System 

Security is nothing without a sound backup system because your data can get corrupt your store can become infected. So, a right hosting provider will back up your static data in every 12-24 hours, so keep at least 2-3 backups on hand if things goes wrong. Therefore, regular automated backups become a standard feature for both VPS and cloud hosting providers among the ones best suited for Magento hosting like Amazon Web services, Nexcess, and Google cloud. Hence, AWS RDS is one of most through at this because this not only backups your entire database system, but it also allows you to create DB snapshots and archives without additional charges. So, make your own backups regularly because an optimal backups system consists of at least 3 separate, unconnected locations. 

So, for wrapping up’ there are numerous ways to harden your Magento security and extensions to help you to do, from keeping your Magento ecommerce development and extensions up to date, and being smart with usernames and passwords, by using security extensions, custom admin path, two factor authentications, file permissions by using SSL certificate and so on. However, these recommendations can be incorporated within a matter of minutes, and you can rest easily by knowing your Site is more secure from a hacker or other any intruders.