Takeaways to enhance the eCommerce sales

The competitive edge of ecommerce era has introduced online merchants to look for the more effective ways to improve visibility, conversation rates, and search engine optimization. So it’s needless to say as higher visibility of your site as higher the chances of conversion, and hence it is utmost necessary for an ecommerce business to use robust platform which is scalable, customizable and flexible. Therefore, it is better to be with Magento ecommerce development platform, which is chosen by numerous online shopping websites, so having an ecommerce website on Magento can also help you to know how to optimize the performance of the site to gain visibility and get ranked in the search engine result. 

Below are the given practices, which can help you to boost your ecommerce platform: 

Checkout Process 

One of the significant reason' for cart abandonment is a long annoying checkout process, where it takes a few minutes to conclude the complete transaction. So, as per the recent survey, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%, which can be managed if you can provide your user with a secure, brief, and intuitive checkout process. Therefore, by facilitating the guest checkout option can help you to bring higher flexibility into your Magento store where to increase in sales is an added benefit along with catering other profits aspects of a business. 


A rich and unique content always help you for increasing your organic search traffic because a good content help you to drive traffic and user at the same time will happily share your content within their likely zone of friends and relatives. Therefore, content is an essential asset for your business, but its poor usage can even spoil your credibility. So, always make sure to use the quality content which can help you to uplift your e-store, instead of putting it down. 


Personalization is an important key in marketing campaigns. So, with the emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Magento development services are providing internal functionality by creating campaigns, which can help you to entice end users. However, an improved personalized experience is also an essential part of optimizing the customer journey. 


A simple way to increase sales is to improve your ecommerce store because a delay of a second in page loading time can lead you 7% of the decrease in sales. So, despite the reason for improving your site speed, you should always make some changes in it. Therefore, the lighthouse is the best way to start and can quickly implement through your browser, without downloading anything. Additionally, there are numerous other websites which can allow you to check the site speed manually. 


Shipping is one of the essential aspect' of any ecommerce store because it can help you to increase the sales of your ecommerce Store. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you are selling' always give your potential customers the option of free shipping, whenever they purchase from your e-Store. However, a free shipping option can also help you to encourage your customer, which in turn boost your sales as well as give you an edge over the competitor’s website. Besides, as per the recent survey’, it shows that the customer includes more items if they see the option of free shipping. 

Product detailing 

Product details are most important for any ecommerce website. So, you should ensure to keep the product description in bullet format and can include some key features at the top of the list. Additionally, other factors like images and videos can also help you to grab customer attention, for getting a better idea of the product’ else you can also try using high-quality images from different angles of the product in your store to boost sales. 

Optimizing code 

Unnecessary Apache and some PHP modules can uninstall and replace with the help of PHP accelerator. So, optimizing the code by fixing the loopholes on both front end and back end codes can help your site to perform well. 

Mobile friendly 

As per the survey, 80% of the world population is on mobile. Therefore, you need to develop a site, which are responsive and which can help you to grab the customers who are using a smartphone because if your store isn’t on a mobile platform, then you may lose some significant portion of sales. 

So, above are the given lists of practices which can help you to increase the sales of your ecommerce stores. So, you need to make your ecommerce website user-friendly, accessible as well as interactive. Besides, it should also help you to add values for your site to provide a customized shopping experience for running an e-Store successfully.