Reasons of Careem’s success in online taxi booking business

Everyone has been fascinated by the success of Uber and its growth in these years. From a regular taxi booking service operated in some cities, Uber has evolved into a $1 billion business that spreads around the world. However, since the establishment of Uber, many organizations have joined this future game of taxi. Careem - Dubai's transportation network company is the major among all; because it operates in more than 100 cities of Middle East, Africa and South Asian continents. The total value of this giant in the year 2018-19 is $ 1.2 billion compared to 2017. These pieces of writing fundamentally focus on providing in-depth analysis of Careem's success in terms of taxi booking app

What is Careem? You need to know: 

Being one of Uber's most likely opponents in the Middle East, Careem has so far received some serious traction. Like Uber, Careem also has a ubiquitous mobile app that connects passengers with nearby drivers. Also, it creates a market for community drivers, where users can request a ride-on-demand. 

1. Selected as 'Best Local App of 2016' by Google Play Store. 

2. Also, the download rank of Careem in Apple Store is between 98-124. 

3. Mobilized 200 million from the backers, including the investment vehicle of Kingdom Holding Company, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. 

4. The use of Careem in map and navigation is ranked 63, while the Play Store rank is 268. 

5. Got funding in Series E round worth $150 million and become the Uber's biggest competitor. 

6. Careem's net worth is $1.2B and works in more than 80 cities in the Middle East region. 

Now, consider Careem's three inventive, successful strategies, which all should consider before making the taxi booking app: 

Strategies that Careem opted are worth looking: 
The truth is that at present there are lots of Uber like app in the market. And to be successful in the latest tech-driven market, all aspects of the business should be considered. Also, follow the best from your rivals to bring the best from your perspective. 

Meticulousness and pertinence: 
Since the main idea of modern mobile remains within an efficient mobile app, it is necessary to design and deploy a painless and highly interactive user-interface. Also, facilitation should be ensured by incorporating relevant facilities and functions facilitating user intentions. There are some exercises in a taxi app that can enhance user-satisfaction and suitability. 

• Types of rides: Diversity is powerful; only if we take advantage of it, others can benefit from it. It is important to allow rendering of various types of rides and to allow users to choose one of their choices. 

• Smooth cashless payment options: Most users prefer online cashless payments. Why this is’ because payment is more convenient and secure using cards, internet transfer or wallet. 

• Efficient Pickup: As soon as the driver accepts the pickup request, the user gives exact location information and details for making the delivery smooth and quicker. Information like street name, flat no, and landmarks can make drivers come to a specific location in the earliest possible time. 

Provide Multiple Options: Make the app unique by offering the best ride options under pocket: 
One thing about us "humans” is that we do not like to stick with the same kind of things for a long period. We prefer alternatives between what we are availing. Apart from this, the options are important; for this, it represents the preferences of different types of people. For example, when you present a vast variety of vehicle options, users can choose between them and can be convenient for them. We interpret this as an experience, and the user experience is a very important aspect in business, right? 

However, the potential experience can also affect the factor. Also, affordable ride offers can help you to become a better competitor. A Careem type of businesses help in obtaining cheap rides in the shortest possible time, as well as it solves the transportation problem of those specific areas. 

A systematic scheduling system which allows the riders for advance ride planning: 

Uber came with the ride scheduling concept and got great success with the time into it. This is a solution within a solution because it helps in planning a large number of people and furthering their appointments. 

Enable the user to select the ride, set dates and mark the pickup and make a booking effortlessly. Also, showcase the estimated fare, which gives the clarity of fare to end users about the amount they have to pay after the ride. 

Summing up: 
Creating apps like Uber is not easy. There are many risks, responsibilities, etc. in this process. You want to put your efforts and money on it. Panacea's Uber like app solutions are the one-stop solution that will cater all your business concepts and needs. We believe that an updated and latest mobile application helps the business in staying ahead of the competition. This one in all solution has numerous features in default which can upscale your taxi business and will attract new customers. For more details drop us a mail at


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