Key skills of hiring skilled Magento developer

If you are planning to start a Magento ecommerce eStore, then the first question that strikes you will be “How to hire Magento developer” because you cannot hope to run smooth Magento store without a certified Magento developer. So, before we dive further on this topic, let us first answer how to hire Magento developer and why should you choose Magento for your eCommerce store. Magento is an open source ecommerce platform. So, it brings a fair share of complexity as well. As per the recent report, that more than 250,000 businesses choose Magento as their ecommerce platform because Magento has one of the best functionalities in the area of the SEO, user interface, discount coupon, product categories, shipment, etc. 

Below are the given things you should consider while looking for a Certified Magento developer

One time vs. ongoing project 

Do you need someone who can fix one thing on your site or you need someone who can do changes in a current ongoing project? This is an essential concern because the developer may not be available for fixing small things and can only work on long terms projects. So, while hiring a Magento developer for ongoing changes make sure that they are fully available for your work because developers prefer to work in long term commitment and would not like to work on small projects. So, in all ways, the best thing to do is to test the Magento developer with small projects. 

Agency or freelancer 

Freelancers are best only for the small work because a person cannot have all the skills and abilities in comparison to a group of skilled, experienced people. So, even if you can hire multiple freelancers for different tasks, but you will find difficulty in managing them all, where on the other end, Magento development agency has a bunch of skilled professionals along with the project manager who will make sure that you get all the required facilities with the best quality. Henceforth, Magento development agency can do a far better job than to a freelancer. 

Note down the expertise you expect from your Magento Developer: 

So, before hiring a Magento certified developer, find out their brief background because it's essential to know the experience, knowledge, and skills your developer have. 

Below are the given questions you should ask while hiring Magento developer: 

· What framework will he choose to work? 

· Does he have an in-depth knowledge of the desired framework? 

· Is he aware of all the latest Magento technology? 

Where to Find the Magento Developers? 

Personal Network 

A personal network is the best place to start for asking a reliable Magento developer because if your friends and colleagues knew a good Magento developer, they would be glad to recommend someone they have been using and happy with. So, consider a developer only if your friends have been working with them. Therefore, by hiring someone that has tested already can help to minimize your risk too. 

Magento Solution Partners 

Magento Development Company has their own Magento solution partner community who can help you with all kinds of implementations and solutions, where the partners have full access to training, support, and service. Therefore, you can filter out the solutions partners based on the location, regions, country, and the specialization. 

Magento Certification Directory 

Magento Certification directory helps to search for developers who are certified by Magento. In other words, it helps you to find skilled, experienced certified Magento developer. Therefore, the only difference between solution partners and certification directory is that here you will get only Magento skilled peopling instead, Magento development companies. It also gives you a better chance to find an independent developer. 

Freelance Websites 

Websites like oDesk, eLance have thousands of Magneto developers from which hundreds are certified. So, all you need to do is to post your job, and it will help to show a list of interested Magento developers. 

Magento Events 

Magento event is a big platform for skilled and professional Magento developers. It helps them to make networks and learns about the latest changes in the Magento framework. 

So, for wrapping up finding a skilled Magento developer is not that easy, but a little effort can make your web store successful, so it is a crucial step which is going to affect your business for coming years. Henceforth, you choose to work with freelancer or agencies make sure you are working with someone whom you can trust.


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