How to build a Real Estate app like Zillow?

The building of shelter is one of the primary instincts, which was implemented by Mother Nature' at the very beginning of our existence. However, the creation of shelter' is not the only thing for human or any other animal’ it is one of the important thing, which has been and remains the search for the best possible place where we live. So, due to this, such thing as real-estate Agencies and real estate brokers’ were born. Nevertheless, with the advent of the internet, the complete process of searching for seller or buyer has become so easy. One of the best example, of such commercial, real estate application is Zillow, which is built for the streamline of the whole selling or buying process. Therefore, with the growing use of an extension, the entire real estate' application development companies in USA and across started to evolve, and app developers started thinking on the opportunities, of how to create the mobile application for real estate agents. 

What is Zillow and why it is such a popular application? 

Real estate brokers and agents have drastically changed with the advent of online portals and mobile application. Where the application like Zillow has entirely transformed the traditional method of house buying and selling, it has made it easier' for the users to search properties across extensive variants and choose the property as per their preferences. Henceforth, Zillow made the overall process more transparent, where it also has 160 million active users. 

Below are the given tech trend that a real estate app must have: 

When people want to buy the property or rent one, the first thing which they do’ is to look online for the upcoming project and realtors. So, at this point, all you have to do is to market your real estate app, so that people get attracted to your app and use it further. 

· Virtual Reality- It provides the option to see the property in 3D form, which helps to save the time of the party and can move ahead for the further buying process. 

· Big Data- Here it will help you to collect the data about the people, who are looking for selling or buying the house. Besides, it also helps to keep track of ads about the same on various social platforms. 

· Home Technology- A real agent knows how to sell the home, upgrade requirements, and price points and so on. So, list these qualities in the real estate app so, that you get more business. 

Below are the given essential features for real estate mobile app development: 


Without any doubt, the database plays as a core element of your application. So, the given feature of the database depends upon the country and the regions for which you are developing the app for. So, your mobile app development should make use of any and every source of data, which they find as more relevant to the properties, more successful the application. 

Therefore, use the government companies which have details or: 

· Social media platforms 

· Other real estate agents/company 

· 3rd party vendors 

Advanced search 

This is certainly an essential feature as it helps the user to find what they are looking for. So, involve search parameters like property type, amenities, location, and price range, and then break them into the advanced search options' to allow users to find most relevant details as per their requirements. Besides, it also helps to bring your users' a much bigger comfort zone in terms of security and reliability of your platform. 

Below are the given essential points which you can include in the filter are: 

· Price range. 

· Location. 

· Type of property. 

· Listing type. 

· Square foot range. 

· Details about amenities. 


Proper integration of the map plays as an integral part in any property search mobile application. So, it's the only way, which can assure you, that the property seeker reaches the right location, at the right time. In fact, a smart map feature also helps you to identify what all places are nearer such as schools, hospitals, banks and so on. 

Below are the things which the map can show: 

· Eateries Shop 

· Traffic 

· Location of schools with their ratings 

· Traffic, etc. 

Apartment Details 

Apartment Details are the main thing that user look so, let them know everything about the house. Right from the price, number of rooms, year of built, balconies, contact person details, etc. Besides, you can add some pictures' so that they can see how it looks because having the details of the property mentioned in the app, help to increase its value in the market. 

Push notification 

Push notification feature helps to keep the users updated, in terms of message or notification which they receive or any price fluctuations and even receive an update on the calendar appointment and, etc. 

So, for wrapping up, these are given highlights, which you can use before starting mobile application development because such features will help you to determine your capacity to manufacture an application like Zillow. In the case of real estate web design, these features will be useful because running real estate application advancement needs some consideration.