5 Must Have Features for Taxi Booking App

Everything in this world is determined by the demand, which helps you to do drive the supply chain and the service industry, whereas the demand-supply ratio is perfect to the world economy and a deciding factor behind the price point of service. So, every product which sold and service offered is a consequence of its demand. Thus, the same goes for a cab or taxi industry’ where the demand for taxi app built because people need to go from one place to another. Thus, if the demand is the case everywhere, then what exactly qualifies as an on-demand taxi solution? If we see in a simple term, it helps you to improve the quality of an existing service to the degree, which you can offer it an on-demand, then it becomes an on-demand service. 

Below are the given must have features for the taxi booking app: 

Maps and Location Services 

This is the most significant features to have in an app similar to Uber. So, to hail a cab, the users need to convey their exact location to the cab drivers because gone are the days' when addresses used to be communicated in terms of postal address or street names. Now, in this tech-driven era, society knows that nothing works better than geo-location coordinates for pinpointing a location on the map. Therefore, your app should be able to leverage the power of GPS tracking, and Google maps to find your exact location on the map so, that it will help the cab drivers to avoid confusion of your location and will bring them right where you are present. Without this feature, a cab driver might need a lot of directions through a phone call with the passenger and bothering the passengers can also lead to a bad experience and bad ratings for your services. So, Google maps can help the driver to navigate through all the streets and lanes to reach the passenger’s exact place. 

In-app Payments 

Payments in cash are outdated. So, the app like Uber provides the facility of an in-app payment mechanism, which makes the payment process easy and convenient. So, having a fully compliant payment gateway is the way to go forward if you need an Uber like App Solution. Therefore, the integrated payment methods help the customers to make the process of payment automated. 

Moreover, payment to drivers can also be performed by this method, so this helps the passengers to provide exact change during payments because there are times' when due to lack of change, either party ends up losing money, which is immoral to any customers. Even after so many technical complexities’ while incorporating such technology, it successfully provides better customer experience. 

Analytical Tools 

If you need to know' how your drivers are performing because you cannot run behind the drivers for data collection, then you can certainly seek the help of technology. So, using some analytics tools will help you get the necessary numbers and can analyze them as per the business requirement. Therefore, this will also help you to improve transparency, reward, and your business. Besides, you will be able to track orders, missed orders, and assigned orders, and so on. 

Fare Calculator 

Be it in any country or the world passengers arguing with the taxi drivers at the end of a ride is very common. Therefore, fare calculator will helps the passengers to give an estimate. Besides, this also helps to avoid the confusion and altercations between the passengers and drivers. 


No business can flourish without a valuable rating or feedback from the customers. So, your app should have a rating and review feature because this will help the passengers to give honest feedback towards your services. Hence, it will help you to improve your business and can learn about loopholes. 

So, for wrapping up these are some significant ideas, for taxi service app.


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