Why Magento is Perfect E-commerce platform for Online B2B Business Growth?

There is a vast difference between B2B and B2C scenario where the most important differentiator between them is the time they spend. B2B customer does not spend a lot of time in browsing catalogues, because often B2B customers who shop from online sites are typically the time poor and resistant to marketing kind which makes B2B customers challenging to reach or engage, unlike B2C customers. The key to B2B customer engagement depends on making their search as easy as possible which can only achieve by providing them convenient buying options with detailed descriptions of products and its features. Therefore, it is a primary reason for B2B business to move online and stores such as Grainger and Amazon business over business over deliver quite efficiently. 

Below are the given definitive action points which can help you to achieve B2B e-commerce website development success: 

Powerful search functionality 
Customers spend 70% of the time on the internet to find the exact product they want, and this applies to B2B customers too. So having a powerful search function is essential to growing B2B business. Therefore the features such as autocorrect functionality and placement of the search toolbar in a tactical position goes a long way. 

Giving customer simple and intuitive options 
B2B customer needs easy and intuitive options which can help to make their buying experience seamless. Simple features such as add to cart, add to quote, an option to add promotional quotes, viewing or downloading of specs sheet, print and sending to a colleague, getting availability of the inventory and pricing is expected to be in an ideal B2B store. Henceforth, Grainger has done a great job by making the checkout process simple and seamless by giving them advanced options like an auto recorder. 

Consistent and product rich information 
The consistency of information is essential for B2B customers, so it doesn’t matter which team member they contact during their interactions. For example, if a price proposed on the B2B site and the price mentioned by the sales representative is different, then it can damage the customer perception. Product data description, pricing attributes, and specification are consistent across all the channels where it helps customers to make easy buying decisions. Since a B2B customer is not shopping for some gift or personal use, so they are sensitive to excessive browsing and searching. 

Below are the given reasons why you might want to choose Magento as your B2B ecommerce platform: 

Extensive Customizability 
Magento is a customizable platform where it is also an open source and builds with a popular programming language PHP. Where you can customize almost anything so if you have an expertise, time and budget to do so, then this can be extremely handy when it comes to customizing Magento to have a strong B2B e-commerce experience specific to your business needs and industry. 

Custom Pricing 
The custom pricing feature of Magento website development is an excellent addition to its B2B functionality where it allows businesses to create many specific pricing lists and assign them to particular companies. Therefore it also provides default public pricing which is accessible to non-logged users where all the products or categories to be limited invisibility based on specific pricing apart from setting up pricing based on percentage discount. 

Quick Order 
Magento enables the vast purchasing options where it can help in fast and convenient ordering to boot up the sales. Therefore all users just have to enter the SKUs, use orders list or copy a previous order for fast checkout. You can also assist end users by creating orders for them, tracking quotes, and calculating discounts, etc. So, the quick order feature is hugely beneficial to the buyers who know exactly what they want. 

Customer Segmentation 
Magento offers a uniform buying experience to all buyers irrespective of their size or industry. Therefore the online buying experience which appeals to one set of buyers may not appeal to all. So, with the help of Magento B2B e-commerce, you can carry out customer segmentation and tailor experiences to specific groups of companies. You can even differentiate customers based on their specific products viewed, in the cart products and the total value of products, etc. 

Technical Support 
Technical support team at Magento e-commerce development offers end-to-end maintenance to keep your site running. So, you will get quick resolutions for any problems you face with your Magento website such as server overload, shopping cart issues, error messages, general troubleshooting, or product integration issues. Therefore with the highly skilled team of Magento developer focusing on keeping your website functional around-the-clock, so you can focus on driving sales. 

So for wrapping up above are the given advantages of Magento for your e-commerce platform for your online B2B business growth. However, the choice of the right Magento developer can make a difference because they can help you to provide a vast number of features.