What are the major tips to consider while designing your mobile survey?

In this tech-driven era consumer survey and market research has become an internal part of every business where without data, your market may stop. Today researcher is increasingly looking for acquiring mobile devices to get a quick response as mobile application development services are getting more and more advanced, where it also opens up to access data information. Therefore, it helps in obtaining richer, deeper and more meaningful insight which ensures quality research. For collecting full meaning information with the help of mobile application require some designing and crafting because browser-based surveys are not well optimized, so the completion rate of those surveys on mobile is lower as a comparative desktop. 

Below are the given tips you should consider while designing your mobile survey application: 

Zero complex questions for data collection 
Data collection methods are mainly categorized by direct and indirect data collection. So the direct data on survey mobile app comes only when the end users fill their personal details or answer the questions which you have asked them. However, the indirect data can take time for answering or the number of attempts which they consider to answer the question correctly. 

When it comes to mobile app development for consumer survey, you should mainly focus on providing the seamless user experience. For example, an open-end question or complex questions require typing which takes time as well as hectic over the mobile screen. So use simple question which is easy to answer on mobile devices. 

Focus mainly on information 
So in this way, your focus should be on getting valid information from the end users where the survey app design must offer easy access to all the questions and their answers. For example, a survey question usually comes with four choices of answers from that a user has to select one. If the last option needs the end user to scroll down in order to see the answer, then there are high chances that they can skip the option. So, be careful while placing the text. Therefore, you can even use one screen with one question strategy to offer a better user experience. 

Responsive designing for all operative system 
Your mobile target audience mainly seeks for the different looks as compare to the desktop because your mobile app development is different from the desktop as user access apps on the go. So, the app version needs to be responsive and fast for all the operating system. Therefore, the text size should also look attractive, clickable and easily readable. Hence, if you want to add images, then you need to make them responsive as it can slow your loading time. The concise spaces on the mobile devices can also help to make it essential to cut out the clutter to offer an appropriate survey listing. 

Design Consistency 
Keeping an overall consistent appearance throughout the mobile app and survey pages to create a great impression on the end users is significant and essential. This can also help for visual functional as well as external consistency. Therefore, you need to stick to the platform guidelines where you can use native user interface elements that can also help to create your own identity. To stand out from the crowd, you can even select different elements for making your survey listing more attractive. 

So, while initiating the development for mobile survey application, you can provide options like question types, templates, data analysis, and export, or rewards which can help to increase the end user engagement. Henceforth, you can also add notification features on your survey that will help to notify and allow end users to complete the survey offline. So, if you are looking forward for mobile application development as per your business needs, drop us a mail at info@panaceatek.com for better assistance. 


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