Industries That Require Payment Integration for Mobile Apps

If you are looking for a mobile app development company to develop an app for your business, the first thing that you need to decide whether or not you need the payment gateway in your mobile app or website. Integration of payment gateway plays an important role for businesses looking to sell something using the platform. The business owners have to study about various categories to figure out whether or not integrating a payment gateway will help their business to grow. In this blog, we have mentioned top app category like on-the demand app, transport app, accommodation app and e-commerce app. 

Let’s discuss how the app development of the following categories varies from others and which should have payment gateway integration for easy accessibility and better engagement. 

1. Transportation Apps 

We all like to travel in comfort, but with our busy schedule, no one prefers to drive by themselves. In the hustle of day to day life, reaching somewhere on time in a presentable look has increased the demand for the taxi booking apps. Many people chose a rental cab to travel from one place to another, which make the taxi booking app the high in demand in the category. Generally, all the businesses related to transport such as metros, buses and cabs have to integrate payment gateway to their app to manage the payment terminology without compromising on customer experience. The payment gateway integration offers an interface to streamline accounting, send auto-generated invoices to the users and have all bills in one place. If you are thinking about developing an app for your transportation organization, this is the most important feature to have. 

2. On-Demand Apps 

The category name itself suggests that it includes apps for urgent basis and daily purposes, such as travel and tourism, food and beverages, salon and spa, health and fitness, and other services. These apps have become a crucial part of individuals’ life for their accurate services. For instance, a customer can place an order for food from an app like Swiggy or Uber eats and it will be supplied to the doorstep. With multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, cash on delivery and e-wallets, it becomes an appropriate option to use services at home. It eliminates the time required for standing in a queue and waiting for the chance to arrive. Nowadays, customers prefer to keep it cashless and complete the payment online. 

As it is one of the widely used mobile app categories, it should have new technology trends to deliver the best to their customers. For such growing apps category, payment integration can upsell services with effective connectivity. It allows you to manage the business even when you are not available in the office. A skillfully designed on-demand app minimizes your hassles by managing your appointments/bookings and inventories easily. 

3. Ecommerce Apps 

With the development of the smartphone industry, all industries are moving towards ecommerce and trying to sell their products and services through the mobile application. Through ecommerce mobile application, one can promote and sell almost anything and people are willing to buy from online stores. This makes it important to have a user-friendly secured purchase option on your ecommerce store which is easy to use. To expand the business and grab more customers, integrating multiple online payment modes with financial protection become mandatory. It eventually helps you to increase the sales and gain the trust of existing and potential customers regarding the secured payment options. 

4. Online Booking Service Apps 

An online accommodation app such as hotel booking, Airbnb, flight booking, etc. where users are facilitated to make the bookings 7 days a week. Without online payment integration with your booking app, you have to rely on walk-ins and phone calls to make reservations. An app with payment gateway allows you to keep track of each reservation and other related information. With this, you can focus on other areas to grow your business. Integrating payment gateway in any booking apps offers a sense of assurance from the merchant’s side to their users. For instance, individual books a hotel room via the hotel booking mobile application and make payment online for the stay. The user is secured as he/she gets a confirmation mail from the bank as well as the merchant. Hence, it is a quick and easy process without any interference by the third party. 

Integrating a well-maintained payment system during iOS or Android mobile app development can get its share of user loyalty and big sales. It bridges the gap between the business and consumers effectively by promoting the payment modes and features. If your mobile app idea falls under any of the above mention categories, you can contact Panacea, a leading app development company across the world. Still have doubts about your idea or the executions of your idea, cost & time to develop an app, don’t worry, our team of expert Android and iOS developers is here to guide you.