How to Choose Payment Gateway for Mobile App Category?

We are living in the tech-driven era where online shopping has become the order of the day. So, this has also enabled the e-commerce apps to implement the payment gateway which can help to complete the online transaction with just some clicks. It has helped end users to make payments for numerous services like shopping from the e-commerce site, booking train ticket or flight, hotel reservation, booking a cab, paying a bill for a good meal at a restaurant etc. Payment gateway Integration is a software solution which allows the implementation of electronic payments to e-commerce services within the mobile applications and websites. 

Mobile app development offers different payment integration systems which have easy accessibility such as transportation app, on-demand app, e-commerce app, and accommodation app and so on. 

Given factors to keep in mind when choosing a Payment Gateway Integration: 

· Security- This feature helps to protect your credit or debit card transaction details. 

· Easy Integration- It should be smooth and seamless with your service or product code designing. 

· Multi-Currency- This feature will help you to take you ahead of your competitor, but if your target audience is worldwide then multi-currency support is mandatory. 

Right after aligning these factors, look for the options which you have because you need to look for the category and see in which your app is fitting. Below, are the given mobile app segments which has different payment integration systems and can also provide easy accessibility such as transportation app, on-demand app, e-commerce app, and accommodation app and so on. 

Below is the given app categories which need payment gateway integration: 

Transportation Apps 

In this fast-moving pace reaching on time with a presentable look has increased the demand for taxi booking app where people are opting for a taxi booking app to travel one place to another. So, to integrate payment gateway helps to manage the payment terminology without dis-satisfying the end user. Therefore, taxi booking books apps help to secure the first place in this category. 

Below are the given facilities for transportation business: 

· It is helping to store bills in one place. 

· Give streamline accounting on an easy interface. 

· It provides a seamless and faster invoice to the end users. 

· So if you are planning to develop an app for your transportation business, then this feature will help you with seamless fund organization. 

On-Demand Apps 

An on-demand app where the name itself suggest daily purpose and urgent base like food and beverages, travel, tourism, health and so on these on-demand apps now have become the way for life. For example: User can order food from an app like Postmates and then it will get delivered to his or her doorstep in the specified time/period. So, with the help of multiple payments methods like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card and e-wallets it has become easy to choose an avail service at home. Therefore, the on-demand app should provide a new technology trend to manage their desired audience satisfaction. For fast adapting apps, payment integration also includes service with efficient connectivity where it helps you manage your business even when you are not present in the office. 

E-Commerce Apps 

E-commerce is one such platform which consists of online shopping for almost every lifestyle product, so it needs to be user-friendly and with secured purchase option. Therefore, the e-commerce app needs to have multiple online payment modes with secured financial protection which can help to increase sales and trusts. 

Accommodation Apps 

An online accommodation app like hotel booking, flight booking, Airbnb makes bookings round the clock for all seven days a week because without an online booking app your business has to depend on calls and walk-ins to make the reservations. Therefore, integrating a payment feature in such apps provides you a sense of assurance from the merchant’s side to the end user. For example: When end user books a hotel room by his hotel booking app and pays the rent, then the user gets secured as they receive a confirmation mail from both the ends like bank and merchant. Thus, this is how the payment gateway integration provides a seamless process.

So for wrapping up, with the help of payment integration system, an app development companies can gain its share of consumer loyalty and huge sales where it also helps to connect the business and consumers effectively by increasing the payment and its features.