How to build your own taxi service app like Uber?

In this fast-moving era, taxi booking app can be considered as one of the best mobile app development processes. Additionally, taxi apps like Ola and Uber have given so much ease to the customers who are frequently traveling without worrying about anything. Therefore by seeing the success of such online taxi service app, many businesses encouraged to invest and create a Cab Booking clone apps.

So, the taxi app developers like Uber should make sure to add something unique to their app so that it remains at the top of the industry. If any business wants to be a part of this industry, then their process of taxi app development should be interactive and unique to serve all the benefits. 

So before moving into the features of the best cab booking app, let's understand the types of business model: 

Ownership Model 
The online taxi booking model represents cab hiring platforms which have their own fleet of cars so that they can offer whenever anyone asks. Brands which is depending on this ownership model, initially provide the rental services to a specific region, and then they expand their business to other areas. 

Below is the given example of a taxi booking app under this model: 

· Meru Cab 
· Easy Cabs 

Aggregator Model 

Online cab booking services which are under this model ask their partner's cab service provider to fulfil their demands, which are made by the clients. Therefore they neither involved in the delivery nor have a fleet of cars at disposal. 

Below is the given example of a taxi booking app under this model: 

· Ola 
· Uber 
· TaxiGuide 
· GetMeCab 

So, below are the given must-have features for the best taxi booking app: 

Basic functionality for booking cab 
The online taxi booking app requires an impressive layout and highly intuitive behavior to attracting the set targeted market. Therefore an application should be well defined and user-friendly in such a way so that it can focus on serving the consumer well by keeping their requirement in mind. 

User Guide 
Once the app gets launched, the end user should come across the well-defined user guide. Where it should cover all the aspects of the application for making it easy for the end user to perform the task, such type of app introduction guide helps the end users to understand the core features of the application with the help of UX rich guide. 

Easy sign up process 
Signup process should be smooth and user-friendly. A user should have the option to sign up using a mobile number or email or even social media buttons. 

Basic details: 

Mobile number 
Booking process 

Once the registration process gets over the taxi app should take the end user to a home screen where they can book their ride by filling out their destination and selecting the GPS to locate their current location. 

A feature to save their favorite location 

A user should also have the option to save their favorite location, which the end user travels the most such as their home or office for easy cab booking. 

Estimated time of arrival 
When the user is booking the cab, the application should show the option of choosing the cab along with the expected time arrival. This feature will help the end user to be aware of the time of arrival. It is also highly beneficial features which a cab booking app must have. 

Booking Flexibility 
In this feature, if a user wants to book a cab for the later time like for traveling to the airport to catch the flight, then the popup should appear where they can choose the date and their desired time for booking a ride. So this one is advantageous in cases of surge hours when the user finds it hard to discover a cab. 

Confirmation and details 
Once the cab gets booked, the end user should get the full detail like cab number, driver name, contact number, and most important price. Therefore, the rate card should also be there so that the end user knows how the charges were made. 

Feature to calculate the price before 
Cab booking app should have the feature which estimates the cost of an upcoming ride and let the end user know before they say yes to the trip. If your app doesn’t have this function, then the users will not be interested in the cab service. 

Review and rating system 
Once the ride gets complete, the end user should be asked about their ride experience so that you can serve them better in the future. However, this can be done by using a 5-star rating or a small optional review. Where this rating of the driver is not only for future reference but it can also help the company to analyze the level of end users satisfaction. 

These were the primary feature of the cab, now let’s have a look at the distinct features of the online booking app which can make the booking app unique. 

Below are the given some notable features: 

History of rides taken 
All the trips which were made by the end user in the past, should be listed in a separate section with details such as pickup point and drop location along with the price. This feature will also help to deal with any problem which may come up in the future. 

Referral program 
Online cab booking services have gained considerable momentum in the current market. In order to capture the large share of the market, you can provide a referral program under which an end user can invite their friend and relative for using the referral code and avail the exciting offer on a ride. 

Emergency contact and button 
To make the end users ride more secure. The app should have a feature which enables to share their ride details with emergency contacts. Also if some problem arises there must be an emergency button to inform the contacts about your trouble. 

A tab for FAQs 
In this feature, FAQ section must be there in the application where it should cover all the queries which can help the user because online cab booking service is still in developing phase in some parts of the world. 

So for wrapping up above are the given features of taxi service app because this industry is flourishing and the need for taxis never decreases. Hence with an excellent app and safe traveling, you can achieve success in this industry. 


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  3. Nice Article, I read your whole blogs and get attractive, useful, knowledgeable content for everyone. I also recommend you to know that Seeway is an advance taxi booking app offering secure comfortable ride across different countries.
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