How to avoid common mistake while running a magento store?

The Internet has changed our lives in all perspective. Since from its introduction, it has touched upon all the aspects of life where the business has probably most affected by the internet. So, since its arrival, companies got a new aspect. Therefore, online stores have emerged and they helped to change our shopping experience to a great extent. 

In this tech-driven world, lots of e-commerce enterprises are embracing web application Development Company to create their magento based websites. However, there are a few common mistakes which retailers make while creating a Magento store. 

Below are the given few common mistakes to avoid while creating a Magento store: 

Improper SEO Strategy 

Today search giants like Google and Yahoo have incredible power in the online world. They aren’t only port for all the users, but also a gateway to all different sites. So as to higher the ranking of the store, the higher the chance of potential customers will access it. Therefore, if your website doesn’t get enough traffic, then check your SEO strategy first because the keywords you are targeting may not be as common as it used to be in the past years. 

Poor Choice of Themes 

You can customize your e-store with the help of a huge collection of themes so, when developing store, developers make the mistakes of choosing a theme of their choice and not the one with maximum compatibility. Heavy themes decrease the page loading speed right after adding new products or services to pages. 

Fail to optimize title tags 

It is essential to make changes with title tags because many SEO professionals love to optimize title tags. For example: While making a title tag for the home page, they usually title it as home, but they need to understand the title of the home page should be in such a way, it should describe the business and its service. An SEO expert will usually understand how the title works and provide you with the best optimization so that your website can rank easily. 

Disabling Customer Product Reviews 

Customer reviews are the most crucial element of your product page. If it isn’t available on your Magento e-commerce development, then may probably lose many potential customers. Because reviews can help to build your trust with customers and even in studies it shows that the people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Therefore, if you have a customer review section in your Magento store, then it can leverage your online store, and there are even tools which can help retailers to encourage buyers to leave their feedback by allowing them to write pros and cons of the product. 

Poorly Designed Product Pages 

Product description plays a vital role when it comes to encouraging shopper to place an order. It should be accurate and enticing to pull end-users attention and answer all the questions which can arise. Therefore, the description should be unique even if you sell the same product as everyone else write down the essential details which no one mentioned you could also make a column for frequently asked question. 

Complex Checkout Process 

Almost about 70% of end users abandon their carts for too long complex checkout process. Where the best thing which business can do is to carry out is A/B testing of existing checkout page to discover which an all improvement need to complete. 

Below are the given tips to follow: 

· Can remove unnecessary steps to save consumers time. 

· Allow guest checkout as many people prefer this option due to its ease. 

· Add social login to allow newcomers to register quickly. 

· One-page checkout is highly in demand. 

Unexpected delivery Costs 

Unexpected delivery fees are another reason for losing customer base. So, commuting shipping costs to website visitors as soon as possible will do the right turn. Therefore, knowing how much shoppers have to pay for delivery in advance, will not click the close button at the checkout page. 

So, for wrapping up, there are numerous different things which ecommerce website owner should take to make their business succeed and keep in mind’ above given points to help Magento developer to eliminate mistakes and ensure a successful business.