How to make an app for non-profit organizations?

Statistics show that the people are striving to make our world better so in America itself $114 billion was donated for charity in 2017 also the number of non-profit organizations grows every year. World clean-up day a significant environmental event held by the let’s do it! Where the foundation gathered 15 million people in 2018 to clean our planet of waste. There are thousands of non-profit organizations where each serves a particular purpose. For instance, the Red Cross handles emergency planning and management and care foundation raises money to provides Pakistani children with proper education, and let’s do it! Therefore the foundation manages a large annual environmental event called world clean-up day. There is no single formula for mobile app development for all non-profits, but there are a few common elements which help these apps succeed. We have created a list of tips for building a top-notch based on our experience developing the world clean app and in-depth analysis of top apps for non-profits. 

How can application resolve problems of non-profit organizations? 

You should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of any creating an app since non-profit organization often have limited budgets for development. Let's have a look on below advantages an app can bring to a non-profit. 

Encourage donations 

You can enable volunteers by creating an app for donations to do good deeds in just a few taps and hence help them for more contribution which is proved by recent statistics. Also as per the report from global trends in 2018, 54 percent of respondents prefer to donate online with credit or debit card what more people tend to give through mobile. In 2018 the average mobile donation was $167, while the average donation for traditional text to donate campaigns in which people need to send SMS to give money was $107 according to non-profits source. 

Raise awareness 

The time when charity organizations raised awareness by disturbing flyers and going door to door asking for donation has passed where the emails and text message is still common, but it is losing popularity as an acquisition channel. As per the non-profit source, 25 percent of volunteers use smartphones and tablets to discover non-profit organizations. With the help of iOS or Android mobile app development, it became easier for volunteers to find your organization online and with a well-made marketing strategy you can also make many more people pay attention to the problem your organization wants to solve. 

Engage with volunteers 

One primary purpose of a mobile app to retain volunteers and encourage them to contribute regularly. Additionally, avoid situations when people download your app and delete it after one use where you can use different tricks to retain your users and turn to volunteer into an exciting journey. We will unveil these tricks below. 

How to make an excellent app for non-profit organizations?

To get all the benefits of an application for non-profits you should think over details and find out ways to attract and retain volunteers. So, here are the top things you should carefully think about making your organization succeed. 

Stage 1. Design 

Clear and user-friendly UI/UX design 

There is no denying in that app design is what makes end users either close it delete it or continue exploring it so make your app design clear and predictable so that the end users don't need to spend so much time for figuring out how it works. 

Data visualization 

Data visualization is useful for both app owners and app users. For app owners, data visualization is a convenient way to see how an app affected donation awareness, etc. Where for app users, they can get motivated to take action and be a part of this massive movement. For example in shareThemeal an app created by the united nations in that there is a tab which shows the number of meals shared and the number of users who has given. So this helps to encourage people to join this massive movement. 

Stage 2. App development

Tooling is an essential factor of your app success so below are the given tips:

Choose APIs (Application programming interface) carefully, or APIs is a ready-made solution for common development which is provided by large tech companies. It helps to accelerate growth and cut costs. 

Integrate a payment gateway- If you have a donation app then be sure that end users can donate money effortlessly for implementing this payment gateway is a must. 

Ensure that the app works seamlessly- There are lots of people who are working to make our world better so ensure that the app can handle a lot of simultaneous users. 

Make your web app responsive- As per the web app development, responsive design is vital to ensure that your web app will work seamlessly on desktops and all the other platforms. 

Stage 3. Turning users into enthusiastic volunteers


There are different ways to teach volunteers to use your app. For example, you can create slides which on-board users. Where on-boarding helps in decreasing abandonment by demonstrating an app's value right after it’s installed. 

Show gratitude 

An attractive design and excellent performance don’t guarantee that the user will use your app regularly. So the way you communicate with your users plays an important role so never forget to tell users how much you appreciate their good deeds. 

Stage 4. Reaching more people 

It does not matter how great your app is until and unless people know about it so for creating an app first you need to create a strategy because often the non-profit organization has no budget for marketing, so social media marketing and word of mouth are best marketing channels. 

So for wrapping up the best way for non-profit mobile application development and services is greatly depends on the organization. Additionally, the above-given tips will help you to create an app to engage thousands or even millions of people to change our world for the better.