How to incorporate a minimalistic UI design for your mobile app?

We have often been told that one of the principal elements which drive the users into an app is nothing but an intuitive design. What users prefer today is a simplified user interface with the basic functionalities. But have anyone heard about the term minimalistic design? Minimalism is a perfect mix of form and functions. When it comes to incorporating minimalist in a UI design, it should be consistent concise and clear. Your primary goal should be creating a minimalist mobile application development which can help to promotes usability and simpler navigation. To achieve that a look at the following tips.

Now, what does minimal user interface design mean? 
Minimal user interface design consists of all the necessary elements which are needed by the user to have cognitive experience. The user interface includes everything from the keyboard to touch screen display. So, it is important from the user’s point of view as the users won’t keep the app if they find the UI becomes clunky. The primary objective of app designers is to determine the best approach while designing the user interface. For instance, if you are developing a business app, the best idea is to use simple icons with bright colors. A minimalist user interface design can hold the app users interest so that they can access the app quickly. 

Below are the given advantages of designing minimalistic user interface apps: 
· Minimal design is trending and helping business apps to stand out of its competitors. 
· It also helps to ensure a high level of user interactivity as it focuses more on the features and functionality. 
· Simple user interface help to attract users as well as improve your business value. For instance, if your app has many complex features, then it can ruin the UI and result in application abandonment. 

Minimalism is a popular spread trend in designing a mobile app so below is the given popular practices which can help to keep the user interface design minimalistic: 

Color scheme 
The color scheme has significant potential in designing the interface as it sets the emotional and informative links between the user and the mobile app. There are many predefined color schemes which can help to enhance user experience. Therefore designers those who are working on minimalism tend to make a monochromatic color choice, and this monochromatic color scheme is made from different shades, colors tints within the particular hue, etc. One can easily generate multiple colors and color schemes by modifying the brightness and saturation in a single hue. Besides the monochromatic color scheme, an analogous color scheme is also used which is created using three colors. Where the items lower on the list will be lighter, while the critical ones will be boldest in color. 

Whitespace is the most crucial design element when it comes to developing a minimalistic design interface. It is a left out portion of any page or space with intent to create contrast or helping other elements to stand out. Though lacking any color, whitespace can prove to be quite critical as a design element. It depends upon the ability of the designer to use whitespace in a favourable manner which makes the user interface unique and helping to set it apart from their competitors. 

One App, One Typeface 
While choosing a font for your application, it is always safe to rely on default typeface of the platform. It is not a good idea if you blend the various type of font types and their size to provide an uneven look for your app. So here you can show your skills by deducting font numbers to make the consistent typography by giving attention to essential features like style, weight, size also avoids focusing on the different typefaces. So, while choosing a typeface, you have to keep in mind that default font plays a crucial role. For instance, the iOS app developers use San Francisco family typeface which help to improve the reading experience for users across all the platforms similarly, in Android and Chrome, the popular fonts which are in use are Noto and Roboto. 

Blur Effects 
If you want a minimalistic design, then blur effect is a perfect solution for your app user interface. Here you can work with multiple layers and their interface hierarchy. Besides, you will also get to know about the mobile’s flow to design an engaging menu and explore for more solutions. It also helps to provide the opportunity for the developer to explore different overlay solutions and their menus. 

Data Spotlight 
It’s always good to use a striking color and big font size if you want to make a particular data centre of your users focus. Using neutral colors for a general scheme can draw the user’s attention where you can use contrasting colors for calls to action. Which will also help in channeling the users focus on the action. Furthermore, if you want to draw the user’s attention to a particular area of the screen without using any additional visual hints then increase the font size and use accent color which will help to make the information gaining process easy for the end users. 

Icons: Stroke and Fill 
Iconography is nothing but a visual language which helps to represent the app content and its functionality. It should help to ensure that the icons should identify with much ease. Therefore you can use the stroke and filled icons similar to those used in the release of iOS7. When it comes to tab bar icons which serve as a form of navigation and to browse the different app segments, it helps to indicate which part of the application is active in other words this makes recognition of active tabs. 

Points to keep in mind while obtaining minimalistic design 
· It is always wise to pay consideration to the different concepts of responsive designs which will help to ensure that your application is fully functional across multiple mobile devices and their operating systems. 
· If you are confused about which features will be good to incorporate, then it is always better to involve real users while evaluating the mobile application user interface design. Where you get different opinions and ideas which will help to improve your designs. 
· Make your app informative enough and more engaging to keep your audience interested in your app. 
· You can smoothly integrate minimalistic design by combining the innovation along with technology. 

So for wrapping up design trends are changing and mobile app development designers are eager to follow and implement the minimalistic and latest elements to surpass their app over competitors. They just don’t focus on decorating the app with vibrant colors, and stylish fonts, etc. Where they have understood the mantra of successful user interface design methods were emphasizing on topography, typeface, blur effects, color scheme and using the whitespace intelligently is more important to remain on the top. 


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