How mobile app are embracing the logistics industry

According to the report from Global digital logistics research it is estimated that the logistics industry will accrue $19 by 2013, which indicates the skyrocketing growth and vitality of this sector globally. Going by this information innovators are making significant moves to features mobile apps in the industry operations. Mobile application development services in logistics are not only changing the industry standards in terms of efficiencies but also helped in making it possible to improve the usability of cloud-based software.

Below are the given benefits of Logistics Mobile App Development

Improve Competitive Advantage
In order to be at the top of the competition, you need to put all the efforts to beat your rivals. There is no mean task given the cutting throat competition witnesses in the logistics industry. If you integrate smart mobile apps, you get to have real-time information regarding the company’s activities. The significant advantages of this you get to implement strategies that are responsive to the current situation. Additionally, you will get to work with more clients to liaise with your company given your excellent timing and speed.

Manage your fleet
If you want to flourish your logistics business, then you should know how to manage the fleet because the efficient fleet management can allow you to improve productivity where the app stores all the data of all vehicles and their prospective routes. You can even trace the location of the drivers and manage their service schedule of the vehicles.

Paperless Documentation
A conventional business model for transportation or logistics business involves a lot of paperwork. Digital logistics has revolutionized the logistics sector by adopting paperless manufacturing Invoices, contracts, an instructional document which runs in thousands with the day to day running operation. With the help of custom paperless mobility solutions for logistics management, the manufacturer can store the entire documentation securely on the cloud. These documents can be accessed by higher authorities and employee anytime anywhere.

Dispatcher efficiency
Drivers can automatically dispatch new shipment requests with the help of mobile application development. Even a dispatcher needs up to date information to ensure that routes are optimized and deliveries are facilitated. It would have been a challenge if the logistics apps and technological advancements like GPS navigation and location tracking had not been in place. Also, critical detail like mileage, distance traveled delivery schedules, and driver roster can access in real time for decision making and process optimization.

User experience
Mobile apps can facilitate both customers as well as the shippers they get their dedicated apps to place an order for moving items and other stuff like sending packages to relatives, furniture delivery, food delivery, etc. just with the help of one button. So, with the rise of on-demand logistics, the entire process of getting access to transportation has become much simpler and more accessible. Also, the whole user experience is has transformed with the help of features like real-time tracking notification alerts, online payments, reviews, and feedback, etc.

IoT, GPS, and AI
With the help of GPS and IoT beacons, it has become easy to keep the record of every truck on the road, and its precise location and on the other hand incorporation of AI to predictive possibilities about the arrival of shipment and selecting of a right route and other parameters has become easy. Beside IoT can go even deeper to make use of sensors mounted to engines, fuel tanks to monitor fuel consumption, the performance of each truck and for fleet management.

The most significant benefit of embracing mobile app development for the logistics industry is the real-time data available for both cargoes as well as the customer. It also helps to provide information which is available at the fingertips of decision makers in the logistics industry. Furthermore, mobility solutions and app for logistics are allowing logistics companies to perform business anywhere and on any device. Also, logistics companies are increasingly discovering how mobile apps can overcome fundamental logistics problem and their solutions.


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