ZEV launches electric car services in partnership with Tesla

Air pollution is one of the serious issues high populated areas of Asia are facing, and it will be disastrous if not stopped in this decades. Earth savers have very less time for action. In regards to fighting the pollution, Zero emission venture company (ZEV) came with one of the great and innovative ideas' offering Uber-like service with the help of Tesla electric cars in Taiwan.

Save your mother earth and take a ride at the same time at efficient prices.

Innovation and Idea:
ZEV is always way ahead in planning and strategizing the services that are effective and efficient not just for the riders but also for the environment and earth. With the help of Tesla cars, they have launched brand new service in which riders can ride eco-friendly by using Tesla cars. This initiative is about the part of that public plan in which governments are looking forward to banning gas powered motor cycle by 2035 and cars by 2040.

Every success leads to some obstacles. Zev is no different in it. The more initial obstacles are lack of Tesla cars on the ground for commercial use. It will take some time to increase the number of cars from the actual number today have. Moreover, there is also an obstacle of hiring as most of the services are mostly for business riders and 85% of the drivers are not qualified enough to drive from point A to point B, but ZEV came over it with the solution. 

Technology partnership:
For highly innovative, means selecting a trustworthy technological partner. Well, we all know what it means to be user-friendly application when it comes to taxi services. The prime example is UBER, as of how they have changed the entire cab game with the help of their app. The system's stability is essential, and team support should be 24/7/365, user interface and design must meet all the needs and requirements of the riders. As per that, Panacea Infotech is also encouraging the various business owners for Android and iOS app development for such initiatives.
In this way, ZEV launched with all its proud. 

Let’s discuss in detail, about their services:
1. Tesla electric cars: The goal is to provide the high-end sustainable transportation method with the help of adopting new tech cars and decrease the life cycle emission based on energy source to vehicles.

2. Zero emission: Just imagine, the zero emissions, no engine exhaust at the time of silent and comfortable journey. Tesla has given a lot of efforts in developing more robust air filtering system with the Model X, for not only contributing in lowering down the air pollution through electric cars but can also decrease the straight forward impact on the air pollution due to the vehicles.

3. Zero Pollution: Each ZEV cars have pollution sensors, and this helps the ZEV to collect air quality data and can identify the sources of air pollution. This collected can be publically shared to make people informed about the pollution protection measures they have taken.

4. Generating clean energy: The main reason for ZEV is to generate an optimum amount of clean energy up to 2021. They are more committed to generate and innovate more green power source. So, the riders will get the point after every completion of the trip by the passenger that can be utilized to avail the discount on an upcoming journey.

Summing Up:
ZEV is passionate and dedicated to saving the planet and availing high-end services at the same time. They have the edge over competitors as their apps are easy to use, as well the comfort of the Tesla cars. Panacea Infotech always supports such initiatives and encourage for green Uber-likeapp solutions. All you innovative ideas turn true with Panacea InfoTech solutions.