AI and it's applications to improve B2B ecommerce

Welcoming change can be difficult. It is a common human nature to enjoy the comfort zone and resist themselves to stepping out of it. However successful e-commerce companies in Chicago or across welcoming change seeing future as opportunities to disrupt and win. Committing to this type require disruptive thinking, commitment across your entire organization, and creating a blueprint to guide the skilful execution of your winning strategy. We call echidna is future ready, future-ready means having the ability to change rapidly and regularly. Digitally mature companies regularly set goals, make plans, build solutions, measure the results and improve how they operate and if the results are good they perform and repeat, or if they are bad, they change.

Companies which are digitally mature realize the burden that constant change demands from people even the technology makes us more efficient. Which has given us more work, companies equip their workers with modern tools to administer their parts of a growing digital ecosystem and a daily searching, browsing, clicking, and administration consumes most of our attention and leaves the less time for innovative insight, for truly disruptive innovations.

So, here Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in the picture. It helps us to create intelligent assistants that perform tasks on our behalf and some we could not possibly be expected to. As companies learned how to use intelligent machines to improve revenue, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost. So, AI will soon become our most valuable emerging resource.

AI and subset machine learning are transforming tools that manufacturers and distributors can offer via their digital commerce experience. Efforts those relied on humans can be better augment their work AI-powered tools that are automated and run faster than their human counterparts. Also, these tools can analyze large grouping of data sets, understand context, run test, interpret digital images to make predictions and continually update based on more use of the tool. AI helps you to give a personal understanding of your customer and personalize customer behavior. AI for B2B e-commerce platforms is still in early days; future preparations shows that it should be a top tool on the roadmap to implement. It has started to give a significant effect on the way businesses attract and retain customers.

Changing the world of e-commerce
Gartner predication has given the stats by 2020, 85% of the client’s relationship with business soon will be managed without interacting with any human. So, for the better understanding of how AI is shifting to e-commerce check out the application below.

Visual search
Most customers use a text-based search in a search field to look for an object which they want to purchase. However, today e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of visual search by technology that uses AI to analyze shopper photo then find products which match the image. Also, help to recognize customer’s shopping pattern and align them to make more accurate future recommendations. This type of process makes marketing campaigns more automated also help to enhances shopping experience with building brand loyalty.

Voice search
In the addition of using an image for searching products which you want to buy, shoppers now are adopting a voice search. It helps us to search item using voice.

Voice search is popular with voice assistants lie Alexa and Siri which made it is necessary for e-commerce retailers to re-optimize their pages so, that they can handle voice-based searches. The research study has predicted the stats by 2020, at least 50% of all web searches will conduct by voice. 

Amazon’s voice-controlled home automation speaker, Echo now allows users to make online purchases using voice search technology. Shoppers who have a device integrated with Alexa technology make their orders using spoken commands.

Chatbots helps to provide the ultimate brand experience. To be able to respond to the needs of customers 24*7 is an excellent way for making sure that all the customers are happy and satisfied. It is most cost-effective way of providing the best customer service. Email and contact forms days are gone. Chatbots can help to improve the customer services by making it easy for customers to reach the retail businesses using their daily messaging apps. Research predicts by 2020 end-user spending on VPA will reach $2.1bllion.

Data management
Each business person generally has vague idea of what a client may be interested in; this is what they base their USP’s on. Unfortunately, this is more experimental than based on cold, and hard facts. AI also allows sales professionals to put their opinions and decisions more accurately on data and the data which never lies. Choices will become more precise when focusing on data.

With AI targeting the right business based on the analysis and profile has never been simplifying. There is no guesswork here only pure facts thus leading to successful conversions and positive outcomes.

Machine learning for better search results
As per the record, 30% of online shoppers will use e-commerce retailer’s search function. For that reason, getting search results just right can pay off, big for retailers which is where AI comes in the frame.

Retailers are turning to machine learning to refine results for their customers. It helps to improve search results, each time a customer shop on a site which helps to generate ranking also allows the site to sort search results by relevance instead of keyword matching.

A company which uses machine learning to offer better search is eBay with million items listed in it ebay control the power of AI and data to predict and display.

Artificial Intelligence in the e-commerce website development can strongly help their enterprise to sell their product online. In the current virtual era, products can be purchased through any digital platform at a very economical price with a unique feature and customized options. This is undoubtedly the most crucial requirement for the e-commerce market. Today including the AI into the regular task of entrepreneurs of manufacturing concerns and distributors, helps in meeting the demand of customer’s expectations and behavior’s. It is essential to understand the strategy and to implement it according to the desired need of the market, to fulfill the gap in current processes and to understand the value of AI in business.


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