Questions to Ask Before Hiring an App Development Company

Building an app for your business will help you to expand your customer base. Are you looking for a company to build an app for your business? Don’t make a random decision. As there are over 8 million apps available on the Google play store and to create an app that will stand out from the crowd, you need the best people working for you. 

Considering the increase in the demand for mobile apps, it is important to create an app that not only meets the user’s expectation, but offers the experience that will boost customers’ trust and enable stickiness and adoption of service. 

So, before joining hands with any android mobile app development company to build your app, it is important to have a conversation with the prospective company and their developers to get answers to the following simple yet important questions:

1. How they are going to utilize the features of the Android platform to their advantage? 

If you are hiring any app development company in USA, they should be able to leverage the core features of the Android platform. If a developer is not aware of the latest features of Android, then you might lend up on a generic app developed using generic features. With the continuous update coming to Android, your app should be compatible with all active versions. 

2. What will be approx. size of the app? 

Although the size of the app varies depending on the media files you are using, but a high-quality coding practices can keep your app size to a minimum. The expert mobile developers in Chicago follow the high standard coding to develop an app. Though there is no specific size for creating an app, but it depends on the markets where you want to launch your app. For instance, you are targeting emerging markets, which typically have mobile devices with lower memory (8GB) capacity. People with limited storage space on their phones are mindful about the space acquires by your app. Hence, an app that needs 100 MB will get deleted at the first place. The lower size of an app, the higher number of downloads. 

3. Can they create a data efficient app? 

Data consumption by app is the crucial factor, so make sure your app does not consume large amounts of data. An app that requires a large amount of data is likely to be downgraded in the user’s Google Play store account which eventually leads to uninstallation of an app. 

4. Will they able to maintain the loading speed of app? 

In this fast-pace world, nobody likes slow apps. So, it is very important that your android app development partner is able to maintain the speed of the app and its responsiveness. 

But before having a conversation with app development company, there are some question that you should ask yourself: 

1. Have you done a market research? 

As the concept of app clicks in your mind, the first question that you should ask yourself is ‘what will the customer base for the app?’ or ‘Is there a need for it?’ As an organization creating an app without conducting proper research is a blind game. If you believe in your app idea, you should be able to validate the same to others. Sharing an idea with friends and taking their feedback on the same will be fine, but you should always try to collect opinion from several individuals. Also, you must check the availability of the similar app in the market, you can check if such app already exists by researching online and reading about the same. 

For an organization, a user dipstick might not be sufficient, and to back your idea, you should outreach strategy with a detailed market research which can often lead you to invaluable insight about competitors. With the detailed research, you will get approx. figures about what can work and what might backfire. Always consider what works best for your app. Without detail market research, there are chances that you will miss out some important information. 

2. Is your idea unique? 

Nowadays, people are very particular about their choice and make their mind very quickly. One can lose the interest in your app as quickly as they gain it. To prevent missing your users, you should always focus on constant innovation. Recreating the similar concept that already exists in the market won’t be helpful for the long run. So before starting mobile app development, you must have a positive answer to 'is this unique?' 

These questions will assist you to get a concrete understanding of what are your expectations and whether the team of mobile developers who are going to work on it can meet them. After having a clear idea of what you want and the company can serve your requirements, you can start the development of your app.