Magento eCommerce Development Assists the mCommerce Craze

Mobile devices have not just remained as an e-commerce trend, but they have been altered as a usual routine in online shopping. The expansion of mobiles has altered the scenario of retail on a permanent basis. In a short span of six years, the ownership of smartphones in the US has risen by 42 percent. It is not astonishing that m-commerce has become a craze. From the business point of view, it has become impossible to taste success without a presence on mobile devices. The masses have been obsessed by mobiles, and hence, business owners have to contemplate about the right platform that is optimized for mobiles. The society has been obsessed by mobiles, but the fundamental query is, “Do they really convert prospects to buyers?” Some statistics are the following:
  • In case of shopping, mobiles and tablets make up for 59 percent of the sessions.
  •  In case of buying, they accrue to up to 38 percent of the revenue.
  • In case of buying, desktops are responsible for 63 percent of the revenue.
Due to concerns of security and privacy, desktops result in more revenue. However, the gap is quickly getting bridged as more and more people cling to mobiles.

Hire Magento Developer

In the m-commerce segment, Magento has been reputed as the best platform. Panacea Infotech, a magento development company, has geared up its resources to ride on this m-commerce wave. Let us understand the reasons why the m-commerce craze has caught on Magento.

Why is Magento 2 the best fit for m-commerce?

In the context of m-commerce, the following features of Magento come in handy:
  • Expansive Marketing: To reinforce your strategies of marketing across various selling channels, this platform has various useful features such as a track of user-generated content, visual merchandising, optimized product category pages, advanced search features, customer segmentation, and a drag-and-drop interface. All of these facilitate extensive marketing efforts.
  • Dependable Caching: The platform has advanced and trustworthy caching abilities, due to which websites can perform at high speeds on both desktop and mobile versions. You can use Varnish Cache to resolve connectivity problems and other issues.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of the Platform: The mobile experience is excellent due to seamless communication between the internal and external modules. This becomes possible due to the modular approach. The APIs of this platform facilitate the development of Magento mobile apps. As a result, the eventual e-store gets a boost.
  • Superior Admin Interface: Magento 2 has a better Admin panel, which has particular functionality for mobile devices. The consequence is that the Admin can manage the e-store in a refined manner. The final aim is to ensure that the experience for desktop users and mobile users is equally seamless.
  • Responsive Themes: The platform has an entire gamut of responsive themes. These can bring about exceptional shopping experiences on the websites, irrespective of whether the mobile is used by the user to access them. It is also feasible to do custom theme development to make sure that buyers have a simplified shopping experience and easy browsing facilities.
Due to these superior characteristics, Magento 2 is the best alternative for m-commerce. You need to hire magento developers to begin an online store from scratch. On the other hand, in case you have an online store developed using the earlier versions of Magento, the best recommendation is to perform migration to Magento 2.

The mobile optimization initiative

Retailers who aim to tap into the mobile audience and expand in it should use the latest version of the Magento platform. The efforts of these retailers in this direction are endorsed by Magento by uniformly working on the core. In this context, the platform announced the new mobile optimization initiative as latest development. The objective of this initiative is that the retailers should bridge the m-commerce gap. The other aim is that when prospects connect with the retailers through the mobile channel, the conversion rate should spike up.

The Magento community along with the technology partners, HiConversion and PayPal, have collaborated to form this initiative. As per this initiative, the sellers are offered with the implementation of an optimized campaign design and a complimentary m-checkout funnel assessment. Moreover, during the program, the sellers will get professional services. The merchants who participate in this initiative will get the following advantages:
  • A holistic report that details the actionable insights along with the results
  • Experience optimization assisted by adaptive algorithms
  • Many A/B experiments: These will be implemented as a singular optimization campaign.
  • On the basis of HiConversion analytics, formulation of data-driven test hypotheses and determination of friction points in the checkout funnel
Due to the lack of optimization of mobile experiences, customers do not get converted to buyers, and there is loss of revenue for the e-store owners. As a result of this initiative, the e-store owners will procure support for minimization of loss of such a revenue.

A magento development company USA has resulted in an avalanche of opportunities for those who want to take advantage of m-commerce. However, the efficiency of your technology partner will entirely decide whether you can leverage the advantages. The realization of your vision to create high-end e-commerce stores to deliver optimum shopping experiences depends on the partner. Due to this platform, it is possible to ensure best shopping irrespective of the devices that are being used and the usual challenges that your business comes across. Omnichannel is a reality of m-commerce. It provides an explanation what is going on between the devices and the interpretation of the metrics to assist retailers to convert visitors to buyers.