Key Features to Keep in mind During Ecommerce Development

Developing an e-commerce site is not an easy task. There are various things to be taken care right from user experience to performance of the process of e-commerce web development. To develop a successful e-commerce website is not an easy task than developing a high scale enterprise website. Developers are looking forward to requesting easy and fast procedure for end users to come on e-commerce website for purchasing the products or to know about projects. Developers look upon usability factors and other aspects based on e-commerce web development for ensuring the success of a website. They took care about numerous factors for a process of ecommerce website development.

Essential things to take care at the time of e-commerce web development are:

Every e-commerce business requires various features and functions of the website. Also, various others platforms are available for e-commerce website development. Which one as a platform is better for the development and why it is an individual topic of discussion?

Here we will discuss the few points that developers must keep in mind before going ahead with ecommerce web development.

. Responsive design:- There is an end number of surveys saying that 1/4th of the e-commerce sales initiates from smart devices and smartphones is one of the vital players in compare to all the other devices. Also, the utilization of the website is getting increase across the globe, and undoubtedly e-commerce sales stand tall regarding traffic. So, it is essential to provide the best user experience to the end users who are using the smartphones and for that e-commerce website must be optimized for smooth and best UI.To implement the responsive design at the time of web development initiates the user to easy access and fast use of e-commerce site. No matter what platform you use for e-commerce website development but the role of the smart device is crucial for best in class experience. Right from the landing of the end user on the page to checkout and payment, responsive design should be taken care of, at the time of e-commerce web development to define the success of e-commerce based websites.

. Guest Checkouts:-
Most of the e-commerce website owner prefers to use and create an account for buying any of the products so that marketing team of concerning business can approach them for future sales and taking geographical analysis for sales. Especially the first time users have the highest hesitations for creating an account simply for buying the products. But in contradictory repetitive customers don’t hesitate for creating an account as they are well informed and convinced about merits to save time, offers and discounts etc. So, implementing the guest check out at the time of e-commerce web development is a good idea. You can facilitate the customer with guest checkout, and in the end, consumers can enter their personal information for creating the account. Magento is one of the robust e-commerce platforms, and one can also add one page check out having Magento development services.

. Site search option:- According to the survey of an independent agency, "30% of the e-commerce website uses the search bar for finding the products they are looking to." A search option is important for e-commerce website entrepreneurs, and it must be easy to use. During the complete procedure of e-commerce web development, it is good to add functions like autocomplete, related products, famous products and useful products right into the search bar for smooth user experience. Moreover, you can implement the search bar at the time of e-commerce web development process to empower the consumer with various search filters like departments, price range, size and manufacturer etc. This can take customers less time to reach on their expected projects. For better search results try the products to be arranged well defined and well arranged for better visibility of products.

. Secured gateway:- Security of the cards or the payment information and customer information like address, email address and phone number is very crucial to be secure. If the customer has trust that his information is secured then the chances of buying the products doubles. To implement the SSL upgrades and improves the confidence of customers and it is essential to establish an e-commerce site as a trusted site in the search engine. So, to implement SSL during e-commerce web development is a good idea as it is necessary for every e-commerce website to be secured. Moreover, the security standards must be PCI compliance for any business that accepts card payments. At the time of e-commerce web development process, make sure that any information of credit card is not stored into the database and put the credit card info’s on file so that the purchase can be made easier for a customer to store the information will have high risk and e-commerce website owner will be responsible for a loss. If you go ahead with selecting the Magento as one of the most famous e-commerce web development platforms that can help you the one to get most out of e-commerce website with full security.

. Optimization of a website:- Around 40% users get abandon just due to website slow load time. This is very much crucial to have smart devices end users as they are multi-taskers and preferred to move on if the site seems slow. To lower the load time of e-commerce website it is important to use various popular techniques like compressing the images, combining the JavaScript and CSS files etc. during e-commerce web development and be very sure that website can run as smoothly as possible.

Wrapping Up:- For delivering the best in class user experience from e-commerce website development aspects that are basic and required but have various other elements to that are essential to keep in mind. Companies like to hire Magento developer for focusing on all small elements at the time of delivering e-commerce website development and delivering the search engine friendly site to them.


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