How to improve page speed of Magento based eCommerce website?

With the utilization and demand of Magento eCommerce website growing at a faster rate, the speed and loading rate of the website is also the important concern. A speed of the website allows the end user to give the best in class user experience that is possible for the shopping for your e-commerce store. Various studies have suggested that consumers come out of the session of the website if it takes more than 4seconds to load. You can also hire magento developer for service and maintenance of your website.

One of the crucial values of the Magento performance optimization is the google rank, which can get affected adversely due to a slow site. Search engine Google has various spotlights of the Magento website speed for ranking on result pages. So the speed is an essential aspect for driving more of the traffic and potential customer towards e-commerce site with guaranteed conversions. 

One must consider a few tips for improving the performance of a website, along with the reputable Magento development company for developing a robust ecommerce website development.

1. The low number of ads:- With the high ads, e-commerce website goes slow so it is essential to have an application that must be moderate and precise. Ads and advertisements are those which pop up on the screen at the time of click or can block the click one can make, and it can be used for the promotion of products or services by own or others.

2. Latest versions:- The lead that is increasing have a full dependency on Magento development. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that release it new versions after intervals of time. Also, every version of this e-commerce tool comes with unique and improved functions along with the features. So it is important to opt to update the advanced one for getting the better speed and optimize the overall website performance.

3. Clean up the database log:-  Data that is more or less useful for Magento store should be removed immediately as it slows the Magento store. To boost the speed of the Magento e-commerce site, you have to clear the database logs often. As it is not easy, but will lower down the loading time for a website.

4. The periodic check is essential:- As an e-commerce store owner, it is essential for you to check the timings of the pages occupied. This will ensure you to identify the source and fault and help in fixing the time so as not to pile up. Even for the non-tech owners, it is essential to take the advice from experienced Magento development services.

5. Lower down the web page size:- It is important to reduce the page size of the website, and it is a great technique for improving speed and performance of e-commerce website running up on Magento. Bytes are the unit of measuring the web pages, and the smallest metrics is kilobytes. Images occupy bytes and slow the loading time. Try to avoid the big images as they impact on loading time crucially. Be sure to check and restrict the size of images and number before finally uploading the same. It is essential to know that the standard time of the website shall not be more than 2seconds.

6. Lowering the use of 3rd party tool:- No doubt Magento is highly powerful and smooth e-commerce platform, but it permits the developers to integrate the third party tools or extensions in their website. It is important to know that reduction into the third part tools is an essential procedure to lower down the delay and poor performance of web page, as it consumes a large number of spaces resulting in generating kilobytes and increasing the time spent for loading the page. Higher the kilobyte consumption more will be the load time and data consumption

Good use of in-memory technology and caching: Use of in-memory technology and caching initiates properly for avoiding undue access to a database for the optimum performance. This insists for evading needless approach for the database for the perfect performance. To enable the cache to allow a system to take out the previous access products very easily.

Well, experienced Magento ecommerce development can give online store owners with the latest features for the improvement of e-commerce website performance.


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