Augmented Reality and it Benefits on Today's eCommerce Business

When we discuss the e-commerce, business wants to initiate with custom Magento development of their e-commerce store. Once you are done with the development of the website how one can drive the sales? Well, here comes the augmented reality into the picture that helps in successfully implementing the digital transformation along with real-life imagery with the animations and can converse with the growing latest technology with physical space and open up the new user experience. AR has revolutionized various sectors including eCommerce this digital era. AR doesn't require hardware and have a dependency on tools that users know about that is smartphones and tablets. Nowadays there is a buzz about augmented reality as it is being utilized in various sectors based on online retail, oil and gas, healthcare, marketing travel and tourism. Experts see a vast use of AR in a day to day life, and it can be adopted as a technology that will change the consumer experience in various industries. You can also hire an ecommerce website development company for better integration of augmented reality. Moreover, In past years, billions of dollars are being invested in the development of augmented reality through various companies.

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Augmented Reality and eCommerce:- 

Developers look forward to Magento theme customization service for developing a unique and attractive e-commerce site. Walmart and Amazon are the two largest retail brands across the globe and Amazon are winning up to the battle of retail due to its higher valuation in compare to their competitors. In past of the 2decades,Amazon placed up as the biggest brand, and Walmart seems to be slow and so, very much smaller market across the globe that invested for the development for the AR with various companies.

The Internet is boosting up the growth rapidly and this help in bringing up the fact that numerous people are getting interested for doing the shopping online. Moreover, it seems to have a strong trend among the online shopping, but the rate of conversion seems lower than brick and mortar stores. Therefore, sales of the physical store are in trillion dollars. The Internet is driving up the sales and AR is bringing up the benefits when it comes to online shopping. Moreover, when it comes to improving the conversion rates and growing up the revenue, AR seems very useful. It also offers the various businesses chance for creating more interactive shopping experience along with their customers as it avails up the opportunity to try the same virtually and can test the product before making the purchase decision.

Merits of Augmented Reality in eCommerce Space are as follows:

Best user experience:- 

If you look forward to Magento theme development, then one will get perfect eCommerce website, but the question arises about the user experience on site. The augmented reality technology can make the online shopping experience, even more, better for the customer. AR ensures the mobile user to view the product like a model, that they interact in the way as they visit physical store. This initiates the customers for better knowledge about the product as it makes them fit in their lives easily. As according to reports, approx. 60% of online shoppers love online shopping on those sites which are integrated with augmented reality technology.

Customization and selecting a choice of products:-

Various customers need to look for time at the time of buying the products. They require more of the choice and preferences for making a final purchase. With AR, consumers can experience these things virtually sitting comfortably right from their homes. Customization means to check all the options of designs, patterns, colors and AR support it easily.

Increased shopping time:- 

In this digital era, all major online stores avail and offers images and videos that carries all the information about the products so that the buyer can make purchase decision quickly. With augmented reality the purchaser have interaction with products and can enlarge its functionalities easily. Generally, the one who is shopping online, increase the chance to place the purchase order by him.

Explore looks and features:- 

Almost half of the customer says yes for paying the higher price of any product if they enable for previewing it using AR. Visualization lacking can be termed out as the biggest weakness of online store. Various customers prefer to purchase the products that they have tried and tested. Like, test drive is usually offered in car showrooms, and it boosts the sales of the cars. AR helps in providing many tips, animations and more information along with the possibilities for interacting and completely knowing every aspect of the product. AR initiates the customer to try things they are willing to buy.

Wrapping up:- 

AR technology is playing a crucial role in eCommerce business. As we discussed the stuff, it also avails the benefits like more of the customer satisfaction and experience, repeat customers, higher sales, high time for shopping, knowing, checking, convenient shopping like higher customer satisfaction and experience. This leads to having more of the conversion rates and greater revenue. In the digital world of e-commerce various Magento development services in USA and across the globe must innovative ways for interacting with the customers, and offering them for good shopping experience and AR makes it enables to provide competitive edge into the market. So, we can say that augmented reality technology is preferable for e-commerce. Its just the beginning and the boom time is yet to come.