Migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 1.x is very famous with eCommerce entrepreneurs, but with the speculations of Magento taking of the support for Magento 1.x, there is so much confusion among the merchants about migrating the Magento 1 to Magento 2. By migration, we mean of upgrading of Magento 1.x to Magento 2. If you own a fully featured Magento marketplace and an e-commerce site, it is crucial for you to come across about this news.

Magento will seize the support anytime for eCommerce merchants who have their platforms on Magento 1.x. As Magento 2 is getting more popular every day because of its enhanced features and better performance, it is high time to switch your board on the latest version. This move will surely give a boost to your e-commerce site and will prove to be the best decision for a marketplace.

There are various essential queries that sellers have about the Migration of Magento1 to Magento2:-

- What is the complete process of migration?
- What are hardbacks will come in upgrading to Magento 2?
- What if one cannot upgrade their platform to Magento 2?

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We are here to answer every query about how Magento 2 will be beneficial for your e-commerce site over Magento 1.x and will suggest the best solutions with Magento Migration in this blog. Before that, it is very crucial to understand how the shutting down of the services of Magento 1.x will impact your store.

As the Magento 1.x will shut down, doesn't mean that the Magento stores will lock their shutters. It will continue to work in the same way without updating it to Magento 2. The lifting of the support means Magento will stop giving feature and security update for the concerning version that implies two things:

1. A website will be more vulnerable to security threats,

2. No update for performance and bugs fixings of a website.

To run an eCommerce site is itself a hectic task and on the top of that if you are getting constant up gradation of security patches, to work on speed and performance will make you engaged in putting so much of efforts.

Why opt Magento 2?

As with the message of Magento shutting their support for Magento 1.x in 2018, its high time to migrate your storefront on Magneto 2. Magento 2 is crucial as an update not because of the single reason, but undoubtedly it is a clear fact that Magento 2 is far better than Magento 1.x concerning speed, flexibility and endurance along with improved user experience. Here we have listed features and merits of Magento2 that it had promised to offer are:

1- More speed than 1.x versions

2- Better caching with full cache and support.

3- Easy disability of core modules

5- Improved security of Magento 2 due to its server validation.

6- Enables developers for setting up test easily.

How Magento Migration Service can assist you?

After listing the benefits of magento2 over Magento 1.x, it is pretty much clear about the shifting of various Magento 1.x stores to Magento2. Multiple people are opting for upgrading their store on Magento 2. The latest Magento 2 is soon one of the most popular platforms for a various online store. Might be it will be a necessity to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 due to performance-related concerns. It is essential to have a concrete plan to upgrade your platform from Magento1 to Magento2. This can be better advised and execute with the help of Magento Development Company in USA and across the globe.

What are the imperatives of Migration?

After getting understand about the utility of Magento2 upgrade you might be thinking that migration seems to be a tough task to complete. Well, it’s not at all a matter to worry. To migrate your website, it is crucial to do some preparations for the same. Once you go through and initiate the below-mentioned steps, Panacea will assist you fully and can perform all the Magento development services along with migration. So you need not worry about migration from Magento1 to Magento2.

Following are the steps to take before upgrading to Magento2.

1. Movement of extension

2. Server up gradation as per required.

3. Migration of theme.

4. Selecting the functions of the new store.

1. Migration of extensions:- Migration of extensions is the part of Magento2 that too requires an effort from your side. It is essential to deploy multiple extensions on your online store with its various features. If you are willing to use 3rd party extensions, it is required that some of the certain extensions can be used frequently and some can’t.

This migration can opt as an opportunity for picking the one that is required for your online store. The latest magento2 extension can give your unique store look and feel along with the enhancement of features by shortlisting the existing extensions. It is advised to remove those extensions which are not required for your store front. Once you shortlisted the crucial one, then upgrade them to the latest one.

2. Checking out the server:- Before moving ahead with migration, it is necessary to check the server with Magento 2. Check the requirement for Magento2 and proceed for up gradation.

3. Migration of themes:- Migrating the themes is an essential aspect to be considered. Magento2 focus on delivering the unique shopping experience for customers on their store front. This is the reason why one should migrate immediately to Magento 2. As Magento 2 varies from Magento 1 when it comes to structure so, we can’t switch directly from the old store and can’t be utilized for a new store.

The theme of a new store can be built from scratch like extensions that are not upgradable to your new store. So, when it comes to providing the customers with a responsive and interactive website, you need to work on methods that are suggested for theme migration.

4. Functionality to decide:- Before migrating the Magento1 to Magento2, it is essential to determine the feature that you want to migrate from old site to new site. There might be few sections in your store that you are looking forward to removing or include like extensions to be discussed in migration above.

Wrapping up:

After the advent of Magento 2 eCommerce, there is a considerable shift in favour for eCommerce store owners, but with the support for Magento 1.x is coming to an end at the end of this year, the switch has been seen on a tremendous rate.

To stay updated with the growing and changing trends of the industry, it is very crucial to check out the requirements to cater to the customers need and expectations.

It would be great, to start planning the migration by listing the extensions required for your store front or you can also hire magento developer for seamless migration, along with the features and theme to be required for the new site. You must be ready to migrate your store fronts on this latest versions of Magento so that this can enables you to explore the possibilities for your storefront and upgrade it to Magento 2. This would help you to enable and initiate the plan to smoothly shift your website in future.