Merits for Developing a Magento Based E-commerce Website

Ecommerce is flourishing at a tremendous rate, and Magento web development is one stop solution which is getting favorite day by day. Magento is the most reliable platform for developing an eCommerce site. As an open source platform, it is very flexible and is currently integrated with the websites on more than 250000 companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Nike, Samsung etc. for running their online eCommerce stores. This is the reason why Magento is considered as one of the robust platforms for developing any type of eCommerce website. As an entrepreneur, if you are planning for setting up an e-commerce store then before that it is very much crucial to plan a strategy for creating an innovative website and then execute the plans as per the strategy. Magento is enriched in various features like reliability, flexibility, robustness and scalability that can help in building a unique and creative Magento eCommerce store as per the plan and for this, it will be good if you can outsource it to Magento Development Company.

Hire Certified Magento Developer

That’s the reason why business owners go for Magento and consider it as one of the best platforms for developing an eCommerce website with their customized web store requirements. Let’s discuss why Magento stands tall for any company for the development of eCommerce website.

1. Its Open Source Platform Features:- Magento comes with two editions that are Community edition and enterprise edition. The community edition is free and fully an open source. It can easily be installed and can be customized as per the need and requirements of the business. It also has the features to develop, customize and install the extensions and modules, which are available at Magento marketplace. Magento is full of power pack features and merits. This is the prime reason why Magento stands tall for the development of eCommerce website and to hire magento developer will help you out more to develop the website as per your requirement.

2. Huge Developer’s Community for Magento:- Magento have the workforce of 150000 dedicated developers who are working continuously for the improvement of the Magento platform. Moreover, there are various other communities of Magento who are helping each other in resolving the issues for the improvement of Magento. As a result, Magento comes out with regular updates and make this platform secure, safe and trustworthy for developing an eCommerce web store.

3. SEO Friendly:- Magento is a SEO friendly platform. In this dynamic changing and competitive market every store want to be on top in rankings in search results page. Magento comes with an inbuilt SEO feature that makes it highly SEO friendly. As a result the website made on these platform automatically gets good ranking in the search engine result page enables it to visit more number of visitors through search which leads to higher customer base and more of the revenue due to higher conversion rate.

4. More Secure and Easy Checkout, and Payment Gateway:- Various features like checkout, shipping and payments are included in the Magento e-commerce store. Magento is offering multiple options based on payment and shipping. Magento also supports the features like bulk order in a go and one-page process to checkout. Moreover, it has the option of multiple payment gateway for fast secure and easy gateway. Features like order tracking, free shipping and flat rate shipping are also a part of Magento bucket list.

5. Mobile Friendly:- Due to its inbuilt features, Magento supports mobile eCommerce. Mobile users can easily access and browse full website catalogues and selected personalized products. It has prime support to mobile HTML5 technology for making online mobile friendly e-commerce storefronts that can easily be initiated by any of the web browsers on Android and iOS-based mobile device. Magento comes with a user-friendly interface that displays the products and supports audio as well as media files for the same. A user can swipe, zoom, drag and drop the products on the e-store that makes it one of the most feature-rich platforms for e-commerce development. Magento is a future-ready platform and is placed best for m-Commerce.

6. Multiple Currencies Support:- Magento has an inbuilt option for multiple languages as well as currencies. So, as an entrepreneur are looking forward to expanding the business in various countries and different regions across the globe having multiple currencies and languages so Magento will prove to be a one-stop solution for all. Moreover, it also supports multiple payment modes which makes it the unique platform across all the leading platforms.


We have gone through various unique features of Magento that makes it one of the best eCommerce website development platform. With its unique and user friendly features like SEO friendliness, mobile friendliness, Omni channel support, catalogue management and multiple currencies and languages it is very popular among the magento certified developers and those who are looking forward for developing an eCommerce website. Due to this features and various merits, Magento is straight away one of the best platform to develop any type of e-commerce website.


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