Features You Should Include While Developing a Cab Booking App

If you are all set to develop a brand new app and looking for exclusive ideas for the same, it’s time for you to cling to some effective yet worthy propositions. What about taking Uber like apps into consideration? But at the same time, building a taxi booking mobile is not as easy as you might think! Especially, with Uber’s business model giving rise to a number of on-demand platforms, the competition has naturally got tougher. You have to just remain very much cautious and cagey while working on the same; you become a bit laid-back and you are going to lose the race for sure. Also, it is now one of the most sought after trends among both the enterprises and entrepreneurs alike.

Now, in case, you are a taxi business owner looking to extend your business in cities around the world, Uber like apps can be more than just a mere good solution. Uber has almost become a trendsetter shaking up the lives of the riders in all positive ways. Offering them all the convenience of a personal car ride, Uber has now heightened the quality of transportation to a significant extent. So, why don’t you straddle through the same ride and give your business a distinctive tint altogether?

Well, if you are in search of the best mobile app development company, this blog is definitely going to be a big help to you. There are a number of features which you should adhere to to give birth to a successful mobile app. However, you can always take help from some good app development company, in case you are confused. The most important thing involved in the concept is that Uber like apps come up with one admin dashboard and two separate applications- one is for driver and one is for passenger. When the passenger app is used for tracking and booking taxis, the driver app is used from receiving and accepting requests.

Now, to help you gain a solid idea about the same, we are going to list down the features in detail.

Features of the Passenger App-
  • Use the inbuilt GPS module and identify the exact pickup location on map 
  • Put your final nod for a cab, book the same as per your requirement and track the movement of the same on map 
  • Check out the estimated fare and the suggested discounts 
  • Give the driver a call right from the application 
  • After you are done with the ride, rate the driver based on your experience 
  • Head up your personal information 
  • Go for automatic payment option; else, you can also opt for split fares with one of your fellow travellers 
Features of the Driver App-
  • A dashboard that comes with every nitty-gritty of the driver account details 
  • View every tiniest detail of the trip - time, date, locations on map along with the passenger details as well 
  • Every cab request gets visible 
  • One can accept or decline cab requests 
  • To ensure hassle-free pick up and drop, Google navigation support will work at its best 
  • GPS activation is mandatory for every individual upon login 
  • One can avail waiting time stop-watch with auto calculation of fare 
  • One can go through the entire statistics of completed trips 
At the same time, there are certain features like in-app messenger, secure login and push notifications that are common to both passenger and driver apps.

Features of web-based admin panel-
  • The admin dashboard in Uber like apps acts just like the control center that permits operators to have a good control over the registered customers and drivers. 
  • Display new drivers / taxis that have been registered lately 
  • Get along with all the registered customers and drivers 
  • One can get an easy access to a quick summary and trip statistics 
  • Handle all finance and logistics
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