Features You Should Include While Developing Apps Like Uber

Nowadays, you would hardly find any smartphone user who does not have apps like Uber installed on their device. Especially, with the increasing demand for on-demand service apps, the craze for cab booking apps has mounted up yet more. The great variety of designs and features is one of the main reasons why Uber like apps have almost had a global dominance. However, this post is going to state what it really takes to build an effective taxi booking mobile app. We do understand that trying to keep pace with Uber’s sway is not so easy. When it needs a lot of strategies, it also requires you and your development team to be proficient enough to deliver something promising yet qualitative.

It’s not mandatory that the drivers for these professionals have to be licensed professionals. The private individuals having their own cars and wanting to make some extra money can be a perfect fit for such apps as well. And, this simple approach of making business is what that has made the trend even more popular. Also, a person who is simply in need of a transportation service can just simply make a request on the app and the appointed driver along with his cab will be right there at his/her door. Right after the request is made by a customer, all the important information along with pick-up location and destination will be sent to the concerned person’s mobile number just to offer an ideal integrated service. 

So, when it comes to creating such app, what are the exact features to be incorporated for both driver and passengers app?

Both the driver and passenger should be able to edit a few important sections in their profiles including phone number, email, photo, name, driver’s information etc. Also, both of them should be able to view each other’s profile. This transparency will not only help them discern each other at the pickup location, but will also maintain a perfect balance in the entire cycle, thereby providing a strong sense of security.

Cab booking apps should always offer proper password signup and login functionalities. The registration and authentication should always be done in a way that doesn’t leave the users dissatisfied. Also, the app should be developed in a way that it accepts mobile payments, making it a convenient option for both the driver and passenger. Moreover, the profiles should definitely be approved by the service administration.

A taxi booking app is never complete without a GPS tracker integrated into the same. When it will help in identifying the exact locations of the passengers, it will also track the perfect movement of the cars as well as their Estimated Time of Arrival. All the data gathered through the tracker will then be forwarded to the main server for the other users in the same area to get an easy access to. At the same time, a number of mapping APIs (Application Program Interface) are also used while developing applications through navigation features.

Push notifications should also be an important part to consider. Using free utilities provided by platform vendors: Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android, Apple Push Notification Service for iOS and third-party cross-platform utilities like OneSignal, push notifications should be implemented in the best possible way.

Last but not the least; assessing and displaying the cost of a ride is also important. Knowing about the estimated fare in advance is significant for both the passenger and the driver. However, figuring out the exact fare of the trip is executed on the server side. And, the tentative factors and parameters that are followed in the model include traffic, probable discounts, weather and traffic, fuel cost, rush hours etc.

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