The New Magento 2 Extension Release

Make the Best Use of Web Push Notifications

Looking for effective ways to boost the conversion rate of your website? In search of good Magento development companies in USA? Well, Magento 2 Extension can definitely help you with the process. Web push notifications have always been an excellent way to grab a great number of audience. Along with offering the marketers a new messaging channel at a reasonable cost, web push notifications for Magento 2 can actually help you stand tall among your competitors. So, do you really want to miss the opportunity of reaping an array of benefits from this exclusive technology? The answer should definitely be a big ‘No’!

When you have an online store, configuring pop-up messages at your online store is highly important and Magento 2 Web Push Notifications is an excellent tool that allows the same. Now, creating strong call-to-actions for your customers should no more be a herculean task. The faster you prod your customers into making a purchase, the better is the chance for you to generate more business. However, push notifications enable you to do this just with a couple of clicks!

Magento 2 Web Push Notifications has a lot of exciting features to boast about. Let’s take a look into the same.
  • The three ready-made notification templates namely Order Status Change, Signup Engagement, and ‘We Miss You’ have a significant role to play in increasing the conversion rate of your business. 
  • Enabling two notification subscription, it makes sure your business gets the right alerts at the right time. 
  • Again, by configuring automated push notifications for closed as well as cancelled orders, this technology helps your business keep a perfect track of the entire line. 
  • Now, you can also fix the timing for notification permission requests 
  • Allotting push notifications to a specific time makes huge sense when it comes to the perfection of ordering process and this technology has actually got a strong hold into the same. 
  • Proper management of the subscriber list is always required in order to maintain an ideal record. 
  • Showcasing push notifications in different browsers as well as devices always leaves a positive impact and this technology has the best command on the same. 
  • Last but not the least; by tracking push notifications in real time via Google Analytics, you will actually be able to steer your business through the right trail. 
  • Well, we are still not done! Apart from these exclusive functionalities on board, there are a number of ultimate benefits as well and they are as follows- 
  • Leveraging the extension will help you get new subscribers to your mailing list. 
  • Retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction has got a direct role to play in the success of an online business. And, with this technology into action, you can now easily keep your customers updated on their order status and get them satisfied towards your business. 
  • You can now attract more customers on your website. By recovering abandoned carts and driving repeat purchases, engaging the desired amount of customers to your website will no more be a tough job. 
  • You can now target more visitors with a pool of notifications irrespective of the closed tabs on your website. Isn’t it a good trait to elate over? 
  • Who would not want to improve conversion rates with no significant efforts involved in the same? Web Push Notifications for Magento 2 will definitely help you in this regard. 
So, what are you still waiting for? It’s time for you to get across your customers and make the best use of their engagement at your online store with Web Push Notifications for Magento 2!

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