Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Mobile Application Development Companies in 2018

Artificial intelligence nowadays is a hot topic of discussion for researchers in science as a sector of exploration and expansion for the business industry, and especially for the mobile app industry. Well, As we all know Artificial Intelligence is not only limited to Google Assistant or Siri by Apple, but many other Mobile Application development Companies in USA as well as other companies across the globe are innovating AI based apps and are growing far rapidly in 2018, and we will see Application developers will integrate more artificial intelligence in their apps.

Before starting with what trends AI is showing and what future it possesses in the upcoming years and decades, let's discuss what actually "Artificial Intelligence" mean. As it is usually tossed and used very frequently otherwise, one must know what artificial intelligence exactly means. 

Typically Artificial Intelligence is an intelligent machine, technology, system or a computer robot/ tool that perform the tasks and solve the problems which usually used to do by intelligence abilities.

In easy terms, you don’t need to sit back and give the commands to the machine or the tool regarding the job. The smart tool will itself take the command and with combined capabilities of vision, learning, knowledge and language and what we call as Artificial Intelligence.

That's what is the beauty of AI that a system is full of its own intellect vision which don't require continuous programming and can adjust and adapt by own to give the results even it get frequently exposed through new data.

Call of the hour:-
As smartphone’s and mobile apps started up getting the attraction among the users, both iOS and Android application are very fragmented. Moreover, developers and manufacturers doesn't want the end user to scroll down the millions and millions of apps that are integrated in iOS and Android stores. So, continuous efforts are made to clinch navigation and searching systems to be place and Artificial Intelligence technology seems very perfect and fit in such scenario, when it comes to provide the power and voice to perform tasks as developers and users.

However, Internet of Things (IoT) is creating boom and voice integration interface which AI is providing is very much exciting for development prospects. Right from home appliances, security systems to mobile phones and watches, there are so many devices which are integrated and are connected with each other in daily life, with various interface are really confusing. Hence, it's now easy for the end user to give command for the things and it becomes possible all because of the Artificial Intelligence which provides a single interface for voice and gets connected with each other.

Integrated Personalized Experience to User:-
We are living that technology era where apps are helping to make the lives of the people easier and comfortable, because user don’t have time to spend, on specific task or work. Moreover, user have less time to spend on apps in their smartphones so the idea to give them personalized experience according to the need is really attracting. Just like Starbucks came up with an app called My Starbucks Barista. The customers who visits, have to tell the app for what they want and the application can place the order on behalf of the user according to the preference itself.

As the smartphones know everything related to user and that’s what AI technology makes itself compatible with mobile phone apps. The smartphone can detect location of the user and can give personalized location solutions for any query. The certain features use to keep record the pattern and behavior the users, hence recommending the app feature that are designed as per the user need and retain with the user ultimately.

It’s going to help a great deal to be in sync with the changing trends in the world of IoT and AI and program your apps for the convenience of your target users accordingly. And if you think that your developers are not equipped with enough knowledge and resources to catch up with the rising trends in apps development industry, then it is best that you outsource the job to experts.

Developers approach can extend the limits:-
In this technological era of smartphones, there is huge demand of smart apps and you can ignore the fact that the user need nothing less than smart apps. The demand for conjunct and inherent apps as the searching of application and install them is not out in options for the users. It is not an easy job for individuals to attract the user can retain them to surf and interact.

It would be a great deal to be synchronized along with the changing trends of IoT and AI and to programme the app according to comfort of the users. And if you are confused that your developers are not well equipped the resources and changing trend, than it will be great to outsource the job to experts.

AI and IoT are the fastest developing industry and will grow and rule the mobile app development industry so take a smart mover advantage while others are simply experimenting with these useful technologies.

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