Features You Should Opt for While Developing a Taxi Booking App

Looking forward to building a taxi booking mobile app? In search of practical ways for the same? Consider this blog post and get to know about an array of effective features to be incorporated while developing a cab booking app. Opting for Uber like app development has now become a common trend among the race in search of top-end taxi booking solutions. So, what are the measures to be taken into consideration while building a taxi booking app?

Well, there is a huge competition around, and you would literally find an end number of companies into making apps like Uber. But, the question remains, how would you make a difference and stand tall amidst your competitors? When it comes to price, quality and on-time delivery, you have got to offer your customers the best thing ever and thus; you cannot just brush aside this part.

Before you proceed, you need to remember one simple thing- there are two separate apps integrated into one single application, and both the apps are reliant on each other. However, it entails two platforms and one admin panel. At the same time, the server has to be taken into consideration as well and needs to be purchased from the best possible source.

To have an app like Uber, there are certain functionalities that need to be developed with an immediate effect. Well, you can never ignore the technology of GPS tracking. While it’s used to single out the current location, it also works as the best aide in tracking ways. The actual estimation would definitely help the users with an ideal journey.

The taxi booking mobile app you are developing should always come with some commendable payment gateway. An application without a premier portal is the same as having an iPod without battery. Inbuilt payment options are best known for allowing users to pay for the ride directly from the app. What more? The current up-to-date technology even makes it possible for drivers to transfer money among themselves. You can always opt for specific payment services like PayU, Braintree, Stripe etc. to deal with credit card payments directly from your clients. Unification of such payment platforms involves technical intricacies that gulp down several hours and resources which can shoot up app cost to a significant extent.

At the same time, dealing your business with zero analytical data would lead you nowhere. So, getting numbers, exploring them quite frequently and improving your business likewise would actually impart value to your profile. Similarly, having the best idea about where exactly your business needs improvements and where not would help you widen your profit yet more and nothing can do it better than a smart analytics system.

Dispatch and tracking panel also has a significant role to play. The cab booking app you build should always be well-integrated with web-based panel along with Google maps to take phone bookings and manage trips. Apart from helping users to track drivers with their status, it would be beneficial to the driver as well, as it will enable them to pursue orders created from passenger apps and web desk.

Last but not the least; you should always go with built-in modules along with keeping an option to offer your customers packages that cater to your convenience as well. Always give users the right to choose their cab with a driver of their choice. You can also lay out different day packages with a certain period in your app. This feature will certainly help you stand tall among your competitors, as it would almost give the riders the experience of travelling in their own personal car.

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