Flourish Your Grocery Business- Opt for a Grocery App Right Away!

An easy and smooth shopping experience is the most appropriate reason why a number of grocery apps have become popular among the users. It is always much easier to browse through an application to select and order all the grocery items rather than going to any particular store and keep ordering at a certain interval. Moreover, the doorstep delivery is an added advantage. Going to brick and mortar store in person and buying things of your choice is always tiring. Grocery apps like Bigbasket, HappyFresh, Grofers etc. are always a rescue in this regard.

The grocery segment covers more than 50% of share in Indian retail market. Grocery items are always counted among one of the basic requirements of individuals irrespective of anyone’s status. So, if you are in the vogue with mobile app development to build a brand new grocery app and create an instance before your competitors, you have come to the right page! Here, we will discuss why you should not waste even a single minute more to start with the process.
Ever since the number of grocery apps is increasing beyond the bar, the competition is getting tougher. Every now and then we find online grocery apps coming up with different exclusive offers and lucrative discounts for the customers. This discount is available merely on almost every product starting from vegetables and multi-grains to detergents and soaps.

A typical grocery app has every potential to knock off the functioning of a regular brick n’ mortar store— right from listing grocery items and attracting buyers to delivering orders to buyer’s place. That is an end number of sellers and buyers on this platform. A grocery app would connect the entire clan by exclusive marketing techniques pillared on quality, discounts, and trust.

At the very first glance, one may find a grocery app not very different from another app. But in reality check, there is truly an end number of differences to consider. Right from the underlying coding to the distinct features it generates, a grocery app is way too different than an ordinary mobile app development. Grocery shopping apps generally involve grounds up coding efforts than customizing an existing app engine. Even several professional developers happen to find a mobile application development for any grocery stand yet more effective than that of any developed for e-commerce business. In most of the cases, it’s seen that unlike any e-commerce app that has got support from several cross-platforms, mobile app development for grocery delivery needs work from scratch.

The market of consumable goods is quite different from the market of non-consumable ones. People need a steady and unceasing supply of grocery and today’s mobile applications often subscribe to their regular grocery needs to restrict the need for frequent ordering. At the same time, nobody likes to wait for a long time to receive just a dozen of oranges or a couple of chocolate bars. As the best repartee to this condition, unlike the sellers in several e-commerce platforms, grocery apps often supply deliverables in slots to cut cost which, in turn, becomes beneficial to the shoppers as well. The margin on grocery items is comparatively lesser than that of non-consumable goods. Thus, for online grocery stops, the competition with local grocery shops is quite rigid considering factors like low margin and shipping charges.

In grocery, the changes propelled by e-commerce have been flexible rather than off-center. The growth of grocery e-commerce has overtaken the brick and mortar retail not only in developed but also in developing countries.

The must-have features for a grocery app-

When you develop a mobile app for grocery, the main purpose should be to provide your customers with a hassle-free shopping experience and in order to make it happen, the below-listed features should always be there in the grocery app you are trying to bring into life.

  • To insist the shoppers to download your grocery mobile app, you should definitely offer several thriving and worthwhile coupons which, in turn, would perk up customer loyalty. 
  • The store locator should always be on. All your customers in the nearby location should be notified about the store’s presence. 
  • Push notifications should play a major role in introducing new grocery products to the shoppers. Alerts on several discount details should also hit the customers’ screen every time a new offer is on board. 
  • The option for flexible payment should also be there. Your new mobile application development should support major currencies and leading payment gateways. 
  • The grocery app should be quite savvy with on-time delivery. Make sure about convenient delivery time and items. 
  • Your new grocery app should always help the shoppers to find their preferred grocery items. So, the option of ‘advanced search’ should always be there. 
  • Last but not the least; if you are on the vogue to take your app on a global level, multi-language support will certainly compel your customers to download the app. 

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