How Amazon Alexa Is Going to Help You Come with an Amazing Mobile App Development

Are you a start-up? Or has it been years you’re into top-end mobile app development services? Whatsoever, if you are all set to bring in a distinctive tint to your new application and create an exemplary in the industry, you have come to the right page! Here, we are going to introduce you to a new sphere of technology that will not only bring luck to you but will also help you stand out in the crowd.

Amazon Alexa comes with a gamut of excellent features and with the fig getting smarter and more strapping every month, the demand for the same has increased beyond the bar. And, as a wise android and iOS app development company, you should take recourse to this wonder as soon as you can, letting your potential customers get exactly what they are looking for. Alexa Skill is an advanced app that one can have a control over through his/her voice. When some third party apps are required to get through the application, some special setups are also needed at times to savor the app the best.

Following are the astonishments you can make your customers juggle into through your brand new iOS and Android app development services.

Request for anything and Alexa will play it for you!

To begin with, the most amazing thing the users can get to experience is that they can listen to anything they ask Alexa to play. Be it jazz, lullaby or even the sound of the thunderstorm, Alexa will happily oblige to the same. While Amazon music unlimited will give you the leverage to stream from the pocket unlimitedly, Pandora and Spotify will also allow you to relish the same fix. Plus, streaming radio is also accessible from the box which will provide the users with more vibrancy in life.

Controlling your house is no more a tough job-

Yes, let Alexa do the entire task for you! Right from taking care of an array of smart devices like August Locks, Philips Hue Lightbulbs, Nest Thermostat etc, Alexa can be asked to take a perfect care of every smart equipment you have at your place. You believe it or not, Alexa can even take a control over your remote and change the TV channels for you!

Get your dinner according to your wish-

Did you ever think of any app cooking dinner for you? No, right? But, this can also be possible with certain video tools from Skills like Joule. You just have to tell Alexa to ask Joule to operate the microwave just the way you want. And, yes, it will be done for you! At the same time, it can also help you with several new dinner ideas that will surely amaze you to the fullest.

Call a cab even without touching your mobile-

You’re alone at home and feeling too lazy to call a car. But, your laziness can even make you miss the much-awaited appointment with your dentist? Just, remember Alexa and yes, your purpose is served! Once you are logged into your account and connected with her, she will do everything she is asked for. Right from entering your destination to tracking your ride, Alexa will take care of the whole ball of wax.

Make her plan for your vacation as well-

Through Kayak account of the user, Alexa can even be able to find flights for him/her and plan for a perfect holiday. Simultaneously, you don’t even need to be near your phone; but once you ask Alexa to make a call from the address book of your phone, she will do it in a jiffy!

Especially with Google and Amazon proving the value of integrated voice to a significant extent, Amazon Alexa is going to witness an amazing growth. In an age when people are hell bent towards trying new amazement and bewilderment, the scope for voice integration gets multiplied even beyond the bar. The opportunities for voice integration are infinite. Gone are the days when companies used to stick to age-old techniques to cater to the requirements of the customers. Time has changed and with most of the ventures realizing the potential of voice equation, the ability to connect directly with the customers has augmented like never before. However, the dominance of Amazon with this ground-breaking technology has portrayed yet more potential in transforming communication between brands and their users.

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