How to Avoid Designing Pitfalls for Mobile App Development?

We are conscious of the really great application development without great design is a squandered asset. The preparatory concentration that drives any user towards any mobile application is the design. There are two basic lumps of the mobile app development- User interface and user experience. Both have broken even with weight. UI manages the look and feels of the mobile application, while user experience manages the working of the application.

You put your complete self-ideal from the development to the company and a very small user experience can screw your whole user base and make your application to fall flat. users are terrible with persistence and when they find even a moment issue with the application work, they will drop it in a hurry. Along these lines, read the article ahead and prevent your application from getting dropped.

1) Improper Introduction 

We are discussing the principal date of your application with the user. There is no additional opportunity given if your application neglects to inspire the user on the main date. Things being what they are, what the user anticipates from first application date? Straightforward and easy to use. Truly, that is it, your application ought not to befuddle the user while exploring the application. They don't have to mull over investigating the natural features. Do you fall for a person who is baffling and entangled? Or then again you fall for a person who is basic, well disposed and accommodating? The second one, isn't that so? A similar thing applies to the user experience of the mobile application too.

2) Offbeat Onboarding 

Onboarding is a concise instructional exercise to get the user familiar with the features and substance of the mobile app development. Tutorials are exhausting in the event that they are to a great degree long and users simply swipe through it. At the point when the users are as of now mindful of the application, they simply need to hop right in and begin utilizing the application and long tutorials in transit may make them lose the enthusiasm from the application.

3) Feature Stuffing

Many mobile app development companies perceive a misguided judgment that filling the application with a pair of features is the most ideal approach to drive more activity and draw in more users. In the event that this is your point of view and get it disposed of from your head immediately. The mobile application developer ought to reasonably be aware of everything in the way that plan ought to be exquisite and tastefully engaging. Distinguish the goal of the application, break down other focused applications, decide the must need features and add just those to the application.

4) Be Unique 

There may be sure color patterns in the application designing and you may follow them. All things considered, this doesn't imply that you indiscriminately copy them. You may take motivation and include your innovative touch. Your mobile application design is your character and it must be special and totally yours.

5) Complicated UX

In the regard to accomplishing something natural and remarkable, do not succumb to making it mind-boggling and entangled. Users are not going to like it without a doubt, The basic guideline of UX is keeping it straightforward and tasteful.

6) Ignoring Test 

Indeed, may have abundant experience in the designing, but as a mobile app development company and you should be sure that you have composed out of the crate and drifting user experience. Be that as it may, propelling the application with this thinking is removing you no place yet from the user device soon. The user experience of the mobile application must be tried with the real users and opportune criticism and updates according to their input must be instantly taken.