Top UX Trends Every Web Designer Should Know Before Website Designing

The web can thoroughly be defined as an ever changing industry as every year we see many new frameworks, new technologies, new tools and new trends invading the sphere. Lots of those trends have been path breaking and therefore stayed with us, while the others had been similar to fashion fads and faded away with time. For example, let us take the instance of trends in which we all noticed the rise and then the downfall of trends like sliders on first fold, Flash primarily based web animation, and inventory images. We are usually in pursuit of enhancing a website in terms of the user experience of a specific website.

It is particularly for the reason that enhancing UX means improving metrics, which might be important for a business, like bounce rate and conversions. For this very purpose, every web designing services want to keep an eye on the current UX trends and pick which to follow within the destiny. One principal aspect this is to be saved in mind is that pleasurable the user is the ultimate goal and subsequently things like user experiences, the UX, have to be the definitive objective of your design.

Web Service Design

As we all know a website is definitely more than a collection of pages and it is actually a customer experience part that spans online and offline channels. The website designing companies have to understand that no site lives in a vacuum and the site architecture and the page flow should be designed in such a way so that these take into consideration the visitor’s mindset which should be based upon their previous experiences with related sites.

It is essential that all designers must understand UX fundamentals as service design overlaps more with web design. And now, more than ever, for a variety of reasons UX design is taking priority over more UI-centric approaches. There will be more templates and services like popular frameworks, high-quality templates, WordPress, and website builders will both evolve and increase.

When there is more dependence on patterns it means that there is more opportunity for experimenting with UX design. And now that mobile browsing has a lengthy overtaken desktop and even laptops, or for that matter any device which can connect to the net, the mobile first technique has become a priority for maximum designers.

Everyone Wants to Feel Special.

Personalization is giving the customers what they want without them having to ask for it and it isn't always to be harassed with customization. The deepness of personalization can vary, however, ready examples may be suggestions (products, articles, and social media connections), related content, and push notifications for unique occasions.

Mastering your user is the first step in personalization. Surveys, Interviews, and field studies screen what your target customers choose so it may be built properly into the design. some of the native tools of personalization occur to be consumer scenarios, Persona, and client journey maps which are all compiled by real testing data.


Things like the particular sound of a new chat or an animation in the cart icon to confirm an addition, are becoming more and more vital to the user experience and because the industry gets more aggressive, the greater are the designers drawn into the details of designs. Microinteractions work to lubricate the whole system. They explain function, provide critical comments, save you user error, and even entertain. A website seems bland without them as Microinteractions are actually so ingrained in web design.

The providers of web designing services must remember that Microinteractions need to turn on immediately at the interaction that should not take more than 0.1 seconds. some thing longer and the micro interaction become disassociated with the preliminary action and this is important for the user to feel in control.

Designing That Goes for Any Device

It’s more important than ever to have a consistent website experience over more than one devices as mobile surfing is speedy becoming the new norm and more than ever because most customers toggle among devices while finishing the equal venture. Since the UI design changes primarily based on the device, this places energy inside the palms of UX design. Responsive design (RWD) and Adaptive design (AWD) are the two dominant techniques and while RWD includes a single website that “responds” and alters itself based on the device, AWD includes designing specific website layouts for unique devices.

Therefore it is very clean that a mobile-first technique is excellent which means setting up the format for the smallest screen first and then scaling up. There should be visible consistency which means preserving the common visible elements throughout all devices, including color schemes and icons.

Unique devices have their own advantages and downsides and thus you ought to have a version for device variations and it is pleasant to take capabilities like hover famous or gesture controls into account as those make sure the United States more fun, and the website designing company shouldn’t be neglecting it for the sake of conformity.

Redefined Gamification

Aspects of Gamification are effective although a few may also keep in mind Gamification overused or gimmicky, which is why it came to be overused inside the first area. So long as you already know where to look the new frontier of Gamification keeps only the useful parts. One of the reasons Gamification went awry is that it talked right down to users, so make sure that it does not sound patronizing. An excellent example of a really perfect Gamification is one that empowers users and makes them feel smarter and now not the opposite way spherical.

This piece, an end, can be said to be just a quick evaluation. As discussed earlier than the trends will come and go, however, remember that it is better to first test them on a single web page rather than rolling out on the complete website with whatever new trends we see in 2017. Whether or not a UX trend you're following has any effect on your key performance indicators or not can be discovered on this way.


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