7 Mobile App Development Myths That Need to be Stopped Immediately!!

Due to exuberant and innovative ideas propelled in app creation, the mobile app development industry has gained the epicenter these days. However, taking an appropriate decision at the spur of the moment isn’t that simple. Since you are venturing into a sea of new opportunities, to become familiar with the types of errors you might commit while developing the apps and how you can evade them. Moreover, this will also help you in sorting out the problems related to designing a successful navigable application. However, the application development field is surrounded by many myths. So, it is important to get essential information on the some of the popular app development myths to end on a winning note. Below are the common myths related to mobile app development.

Myth 1: Hybrid Vs. Native- Hybrid Apps are Cheaper and Suitable for Small Systems

Now the first and prime aspect which you have to face is making a choice between the hybrid and the native app development. You also must have heard that hybrid apps are cheaper to develop and quite handy for small projects. Well, it is true but it also has some limitations. Hybrid applications mean it is the combination of HTML5 and native apps. Developers can build a single version of the application using one programming language. If companies have a larger team to work with development, then hybrid app development can be expensive.

Myth 2: More the Features, Better the App

The most common error about mobile applications is considering them as a miniature version of the enterprise website. So you end up stuffing more and more features into it when the very concept of an app is to deliver a specific and focused functionality to a targeted set of users.Mobile applications that try to “kill numerous birds with one stone” almost always end up as a slow, bloated, and memory hogs. Top-notch quality graphics are extremely helpful; however, enterprise users are looking for functionality and ease of use to get their job done.A focus on usability (UX), simplicity, and above all a clearly defined purpose are the most important things for success.

Myth 3: Business Applications Consume More Data

Another related myth is that business applications shall be data-heavy, placing high loads on the devices and backend systems. Top mobile platforms are known for taking a huge amount of data from the backend; however, they transmit only a fraction of it to the handset. But the truth is completely different. It is expected that an average 4G smartphone will use 5,114 MB per month in cellular data by 2017. Application developers need to limit the size of data transfer per application.

Myth 4: Mobile App Development is Only About Writing Code

Most of Android and iOS app development companies think that success of application relies heavily on building robust source code. Yes, best application coding practices are extremely essential but others factors also equally matter. Robust app development strategies, testing, marketing these are key factors that also define whether application make fortune in industry or not. Every single use case differs, resulting in the need for different development languages, toolkits, and connectivity solutions for various backend systems and data sources. Moreover, adoption of latest technology, hardware, trends makes application stand out.

Myth 5: Prototypes and Wireframes are Useless

Many application developers believe that wire frames and prototypes are waste of time and money. But, it is an absolutely false hypothesis. Every application development needs wireframes and prototypes. They are blueprints of your actual product as they give insights of how the application will look like after the development. Experts believe that wire-frame and prototypes are extremely helpful while conducting different application testing practices.

Myth 6: Stick to One Goal Right From the Beginning

It is always better to have a clear and fixed vision in your app development planning. It is the roadmap that leads your company towards perfect development and massive success. But, technologies are changing rapidly and you need to changes to your application as the user requirements. So, don't be under the myth that planning to develop an app from the beginning will solve all your purpose. At some times, app development companies may have to change the project after final testing or even after the deployment. Therefore, sticking to one plan does not lead your application towards success.

Myth 7: Developing for the Only iOS is Adequate

If you are developing native applications, you may have this question in your mind – which platform to opt for? Native applications don’t work on all the platforms. You will require separate applications for every single platform. So, what you prefer for – developing for every platform or you just focus on iOS platform. For instance, if you are developing a consumer product for individuals, you might be right by targeting iOS platform as users install more apps and use them more reliably. But, if are selling a business application that will be used in groups, you should focus on Android platform as well.

So, these are the seven common myths about mobile application development that many people have in their mind. If you are a businessman and looking forward to having your own application, you can get in touch with Panacea Infotech a leading mobile app development company  that has hands-on experience in the mobile industry


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