SSL certificate - A Must Have Entity for Your Corporate Website

In today's digital world, your website is the backbone of your business that helps you execute vital business functions such as customer connect, service or product promotion and lead generation. Therefore, it is important to keep your website secure to maintain your business success.

When it comes to the security of your website, SSL certificate plays a key role in helping you protect your business and client's personal and sensitive information. SSL is an abbreviation of Security Socket Layer which is a process of safeguarding the information travels across the internet to curb bots and hackers from accessing sensitive data online. 

Information such as credit card details, financial records, customers' contact details, identity numbers and login passwords must be protected at any cost. Compromising with such information can cause legal issues and money loss. This is highly important for membership sites, social networking sites, eCommerce site and other sites where private data of customers is collected.

Check out why it is essential to get SSL certification for your website.

To build customers' trust

When you get SSL certification for your website, your website begins with https instead of HTTP and green padlock symbol appears next to your URL bar. It signifies your audience that your business has implemented this additional level of protection measure and you are committed to protecting their private information.

Payment Security

Customers need to share their credit or debit card details to eCommerce sites in order to purchase their desired products. Providing such information, customers show their trust in you that you will transmit their information securely. Embracing SSL certification, you succeed in achieving your audience trust as it serves as a security protocol in payment transactions.

Ensure the security of Password log-ins.

If you have a website with password protected pages, then you must implement SSL certification to safeguard log-in details of your customers including username and password. It enables you to keep their personal data safe from hackers.

Improve your Google ranking

Embracing SSL certification, you shift your website from HTTP to HTTPS that indicates your online platform is highly secure. When your target audience find HTTPS when they see your URL on a search engine, they certainly find you trustworthy than your competitors who are still running their site with HTTP. Considering this fact, Google also gives weightage to the site having HTTPS when shows search engine results.

Getting SSL certification for your website enable you to create the sense of security among your audience which ultimately helps you boost your business. A professional web development company can help you make a successful transition from HTTP to HTTPS. If you have any further query about SSL or want to get it for your site, please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.