Top Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Sales in 2017

Digital marketing is a volatile sector where marketing trends keep changing every now and then. Though it has potential to provide companies with more exposure and leads, employing on-going practices of digital marketing make a wise sense in order to reap its rewards completely. If you are looking for digital marketing trends in 2017 to leverage this phenomenal marketing method for improving your sales, then this article is for you.

In the recent past months, our team of SEOs, social media experts, and content marketer has closely observed and studied certain digital marketing trends that promise to make an impact in this year. The trends are numerous and they have potential to shake the industry and drive more opportunities for experiments. However, determining the trends suitable for your business depend on your business objective. If your goal is driving sales, then pay attention to these trends.


Personalization does miracles for the marketers. It has the power to persuade your audience. In digital marketing, personalization means tailoring your message to the certain audience. It could be optimizing your landing page or creating personalized messages for your repeated visitors.

In the endeavor of reaching a large number of end-users, many marketers intend to come up with the messages that have global appeal. But such messages nothing achieve more than views and likes. Soon they lose their effectiveness. Personalized messages, experiences or creatives, ends up with meeting requirements of users and yield outcome better than generic entities. Eventually, personalization creates more chances of conversions.

Social Media Advertising

No business can take a risk to exclude social media from their marketing strategy. Today, social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest have become an intrinsic part of people's lives. Their users are growing rapidly which open up opportunities for businesses to monetize these users.

Running effective advertising campaigns on the key platform such as Facebook has proved to be beneficial in the recent time. From customers reach to leads, they are helping business to accomplish these goals easily. With a precisely written compelling text and attractive image, you can inspire your audience to take a look at your business. Furthermore, you can use relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your posts and take your services and products to the majority of your target audience.

As social media marketing is in the great demand this year if you are planning to hire web design and development company to build your company's website, make sure to integrate social signals into your site.

Predictive Analysis

It is one of the interesting and important digital marketing trends of the year 2017. Almost all businesses today use web analytics to measure the success and get insight into the outcomes of their past endeavors.

Though these web analytics can help you evaluate your success based on the past efforts, they do not help you in analyzing what will happen in the future. If you anticipate your future performance, you will be able to construct your marketing strategy accordingly and create better chances to get your desired result or more than that.

Anticipating future performance is not an easy task. You need to collect a huge volume of data produced through analytics and interpret it to make intelligent predictions on the performance of your future campaign. Isn't it tough? NO! With Predictive analysis, you can simplify this task and move ahead to experience a bright future. Predictive Analysis involves machine learning where algorithms are created to analyze your huge datasets and forecast your future performance.


The competition in the digital marketing is at the peak. The more efforts you put the more chances you get to beat your counterparts. Marketing automation helps you automate your daily repetitive tasks. It not only helps you save your time and focus on big picture initiative but also help you drive more engagement and increase your sales. You can automate your social media posting using tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer. If you are performing E-mail marketing, then you can bring more effectiveness by employing tools like Mail Chimp to automate your efforts and reach your audience with the message at the right time.

Trends are many, but time is limited! The above-mentioned digital marketing trends are few of popular ones that will surely help in your marketing efforts, but you can try out other methods as well to make your business dreams come true.    


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