Best Landing Page Design Practices to Sell Double!

Depend on how they communicate with your target audience, landing pages can either boost your sales or bring it down. A properly optimized landing page stops your potential leads on their way and skyrocket your conversion rate.

If you want to design a perfect landing page that draws in users, then this article is for you.

In the endeavor of making web pages attractive, many of us forget to pay enough attention towards conversion elements, thus end-up with the site that attracts people with its looks but fails to generate leads and conversions. Aesthetics is just one part of web design. There are some other crucial elements that you also must consider to build a perfect landing page that delivers great results. Let's check out those elements here.

Get started with WIIFM

You must begin with WIIFM (what is in it for me). Figure out what is in it for your audience. Think as if you are a customer and accordingly offer information including the headline, subheading, and rest of the content. The first fold of your landing page should highlight the key advantages your product or services for your customers. Ensure everything you present in precise and persuasive manner.

Explain your offerings with context-to-use images & videos.

Showing your offers with context-to-use images and videos is a great way to present your services or products to your potential customers. For example, imagine you have a website that represents your resort business. Incorporating images that show eye-catching locations of your resort certainly help your audience imagine themselves having a great time on those locations which ultimately inspire them to take next action. Here, you can make more impact with images or videos instead explaining your services via text.

Use white-space and contrasting color to highlight crucial elements on your landing pages

In order to draw the attention of your customers towards your most crucial information, it's a great technique to use contrast color. Sections such as heading, call-to-action, and lead-capture form can be highlighted effectively using this method. Using contrasting color to show these elements make your page easy to go through which ultimately stimulate leads to convert on your web page.

Marketers try to add so many elements on a single page and make the page look crowdy.It makes it difficult for viewers to spot the information they are looking for effortlessly which, in turn, hamper the user-experience of the site. Using whitespace, this issue can be fixed perfectly. Whitespace around your key information makes it look striking and easy to grab for your audience. It also makes your page look clean and neat, and compel your potential lead to focus on where you want them to focus.

A Professional and experienced web design company like Panacea Infotech knows exactly how to use white-space and contrasting colors on your landing page to make it look more appealing and customer friendly.You can approach such firms and redesign your website to get better results.

Present your benefits in a clear and simple manner.

Your potential leads want to know how your services or products will meet their unique needs. What exactly they would get from this collaboration? If you want to make your audience stick to your page and arouse their curiosity to know more, ensure to present the things that make their lives easier in a clear and simple way.

The best practices to present these benefits are infographics forms, list format or a short description. It enables your audience to skim through and find the product offering fit for their needs.

Ensure to Include Trust Indicators.

Until you build trust, you will no be able to encourage your potential leads to covert.Apart from the above-mentioned practices of web designing, the best way to generate trust is to include elements such as testimonials, security certifications, and press mentioned, etc. on your landing page.

Trust indicators play a crucial role at presenting you as a reliable service provider. They provide your visitors with the assurance of better services or products. Thus, help in driving conversions.

To get mastery in landing page design, it is vital to keep your page clean, clear and readable. Take a quick look at some more landing page design tips to achieve this mission.

  • Write an impressive headline that matches the requirements of your audience.
  • Highlight your CTAs with the contrasting color and position it on the above fold.
  • Be precise by removing unnecessary content.
  • Perform A/B testing to see what message work well with your audience.
  • Create a short lead capture form to avoid high bounce rate.
  • Make your landing page design mobile-friendly.

All these landing page design practices help you keep your visitors on your web pages for a longer time. Make sure to follow them properly while designing your site. If you need any help or have any query, feel free to get in touch with our web design and landing page design experts. We will surely provide you with the best solution. Contact us here.



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