Top 5 Content Management Systems for Developing Outstanding eCommerce Websites

Want to build an eCommerce website that delivers result and help you accomplish your business goals? Here are top 5 CMS platforms that promise high-quality eCommerce CMS development with less programming efforts. We have chosen these platforms based on their popularity in the market.

Check out their key characteristics and select the one that enables you to realize your eCommerce dreams effectively.

1. Magento

When it comes to the eCommerce CMS development, Magento comes first in the picture. In the recent time, it has achieved a greater popularity in the eCommerce world due to its amazing features. Thousands of merchants across the world use Magento to run their online stores successfully. It is an open source CMS used specifically for building eCommerce and shopping cart websites.

E-commerce trends are changing rapidly, thus changing customers demands. Magento provides online retailers with unparalleled flexibility to build and enhance their eCommerce site the way they want by adding excellent extensions and add-ons. It features highly user-friendly UI and modular architecture that enable you to build multiple eCommerces sites integrated with fabulous features and trendy payment gateways.

2. OsCommerce

OsCommerce has powered millions of eCommerce websites on the internet. Leveraging its potential, you can establish a unique online store with the features and functionalities as per your business requirements. It is a free eCommerce CMS that help produce elegant web-based shops which support currencies and multiple languages.

With over 70000 add-ons, OsCommerce provides developers with the ability to build an exclusive eCommerce site that can be run and managed effortlessly.

3. Drupal

It is one of the most comprehensive eCommerce CMS development platform available in today's eCommerce world. It is an open source software built in PHP comes with many exciting features. You can develop an online store with a flexible architecture and rich features using this brilliant CMS. It is fully flexible and extensible as it doesn't have any proprietary code. Furthermore, it is supported by a wide community of developers which can help you eliminate all development hassles.

Availability of modules and themes for Drupal can make it possible to develop and customize your eCommerce portal instantly.

4. Presta Shop

PrestaShop endows you with loads of benefits such as easy development, multilingual support, free themes, and SEO oriented etc. It is a free, open source content management system considered as an ideal platform for developing eCommerce sites that provide you with tools and features to manage your business effectively in real-time. It facilitates the integration of PayPal and bank accounts to transfer funds directly. Moreover, it provides facility to offer gift vouchers, discounts and more.

It features a sleep user interface along with WYSIWYG editing tool that enables you to manage images, product descriptions, and pricing with a great ease.

5. OpenCart

It comprises simplicity, flexibility, and multi-functionality which is set it apart from the rest of the CMS development platforms. It is a dependable, feature-rich, flexible and secures eCommerce CMS that can do everything you require to run a successful eCommerce business. With its user-friendly options, you can easily customize your website and tweak it to your particular business requirements.

If you are a small or mid-size retailer, then OpenCart can be a good choice for you. It eliminates the need of technical expertise for handling your store, thus simplify your online selling.


All the above-mentioned eCommerce CMSs are worth taking into account when you decide to build and launch your online store with the intention of saving money and time. Apart from providing you with all the fundamental features, they can help you establish the right online presence based on your unique business needs. 

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