How Your Web Page Ranking Get Affected by Your Web Design?

Apart from SEO practices, web design plays a crucial role in putting your website on top of the pile. It is what your audience see first and make their opinion about your business on the basis of its quality. Web design that looks appealing, perform properly and meets search engine's norms certainly help your site rank well. The majority of SEOs focus only on content and forget to consider web design, thus fail to achieve desired output.

If you want to achieve the top position, you must keep the perfect blend of SEO and web design. It not only helps you to delight Google but also your audience. Let's check out some important things that you should consider while designing your website.

Size Matters

Search engines don't like heavy pages. The size of your banners, images, content, videos and other elements on your site determines the page loading time of your web page. According to the Google, 0 to 2 second is an ideal page load time. When crawler come to your web page, it tries to retrieve your information. The faster your page loads, the easier it is indexed properly. If your page takes a time to load, search engines give it a negative remark which affects your ranking.

What is the solution?

  • Use compressed images.
  • In case using videos, ensure to embed them through youtube.
  • Avoid integrating flash.
  • Remove unnecessary javascript and flash files.
  • Avoid errors in HTML coding.

Use HTML properly

Designing a website according to SEO norms has become as important as every other vital aspect of web development. Only a reliable web designcompany make you aware about the best practices of web design and ensure to implement them in reality. They know that the search engine understands HTML, thus make sure to keep it clean.

Having HTML with lots of issues can put your site in trouble by creating hurdles for crawler in terms of reading your web page. Also, if your HTML is not in alignment with your content, it will drive Google to derank your web page.

What is the solution?

  • Keep proper HTML to content ratio.
  • Use SEO auditing tool to check HTML errors.
  • Ensure to keep the right content structure.
  • Check all your meta tags (title, description and heading tags).

Evaluate Usability/User-Experience

A few years ago it was possible to take a terrible site on the top of the search engine rankings with some SEO techniques. But now, the scenario has changed completely. Google keeps updating its algorithms to deliver quality results which have made it imperative for web designers to create websites that produce top-notch user-experience.

With the mindset of creating a fascinating web design, people forget to focus on UX which help in improving your raking. Also, it is challenging to maintain UX, if your web designers making something high-end. UX is much more than your web design, it consists navigation, CTAs, a number of clicks, site structure, theme, colors and more.

What is the solution?

  • Ensure to include user-friendly navigation.
  • Keep minimum clicks to ensure your audience rich to what they want quickly.
  • Minimum page loading time.
  • Responsive design.
  • Content length and structure.

Sitemap and visuals

Integration of sitemap in your website is important to make it easy to comprehend for users as well as search engine bots. It adds to your point tally and helps you improve your ranking. Many web designers give less importance to sitemaps due to lack of knowledge in SEO. Thus fails to make your website 100% search engine friendly.

Another crucial aspect of web design is its visual appeal. Many a times, web designers use unnecessary images, graphics, videos and other visuals to make a website look attractive. But excessive use of these visuals, make the site look crowdy instead of enticing.

What is the solution?

  • Use both HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Use necessary visual which should be enticing and relevant.
  • Use images that complement your content.
  • Ensure to give alt tags to all your images.

These are just a few but crucial web design aspects you must consider if you are willing to shine your site on search engines. If all of them are done in harmony with the mobile first approach, you will be able to deliver user-experience that boost your ranking.

If you have a further query about web design or willing to redesign your current website, then feel free to our design experts. We will definitely provide you with the best available solution in the market.


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