10 Killer Web Marketing strategies to drive numerous leads and sales in 2017

Do you know the main role of the marketing team in a company? Well, it's to generate a maximum number of leads and pass it to the sales team. If the organization lead generation team is effective then you can successfully transform your business to brand.

If you want to become a good marketian of your organization then don't miss out reading this 10 killer web marketing strategies to drive numerous leads and sales in 2017

1. Quality Product/Service and Great Web Design

If the company is looking forward to establish a good profitable results then they should provide a better quality product or service to their customer. It's of no use to invest the large amount in advertising if the product or services don't have the fallout.

The best online marketing strategy is to build a right and effective website architecture by hiring the best website design company which can boost up the time and attention a visitor will spend on your website. The website layout is the first and last impression you can imprint on your customer mind. So, set up a website which is mobile friendly, responsive and compatible with all gadgets and browser.

2. Impressive SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is the only technique which will help you out in driving huge amount of customers from search engines. According to the recent survey, 90% of the clicks are recieved on the top 3 organic listing website.

  • Optimize Your Webpages with proper title, meta description, and keywords.
  • Perform Quality off-site submission on high Page rank website such as Alltop, Scoopit and Reddit.
  • Use Wikigrabber tool to find the dead link in Wikipedia pages and replace it with your website links
  • Spy on the competitor backlinks using SEO profiler and implement them for your website.

3. Effective E-mail marketing Campaign

Shooting a single email to your subscribers won't work great. Therefore to make your marketing campaign bombarding you need to be prepared with the follow-up email template and shoot it again whenever you analyse the status of the previous email.

Follow-Up is the best thumb rule for marketing and customer retention.

4. Focus on Conversion Rate Optimizatioin (CRO) Strategy

A major technique to analyze the user feedback for improving the website performance. It's the best internet marketing strategy which makes the website more effective and simple to explore. Further, it helps in generating numerous leads without investing in paid traffic.

5 best CRO tool to boost your ROI (Return of Investment)

1. Google Analytics
2. Crazy Egg
3. Kissmetrics
4. Google Tag Manager
5. Hotjar

5. Content Writing, Curation & Marketing

Content is called as the 'King of internet marketing' . So, if you are writing a quality content and marketing it on the major blogging platforms then their are great chances of generating good quality leads for your business. Marketing industry has launched numerous tool and resources like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs where we can decide the catchy title for our content and also explore our competitors content.

6. Go for PPC – Fast Driven Results

If you want fast results then migrate from Organic Digital marketing service to PPC. Start planning your daily budget and run a PPC campaign through google Adwords. Listed below are the few tips that should be implemented for making PPC a controller of your internet marketing strategy.

  • Looking for More click and Sales? If Yes, then forget about CPM, vCMP, CPV. Focus & Bid on CPC and CPA
  • Stalk on your competitors Ads and thus make your ad accordingly
  • Good Ad rank can only be achieved if the Ad Quality and landing page experience are great.

Use Google Partners for deep PPC learning

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the smart approach to reach the wide range of people and make them aware of your product/services. There are various simple, quick and free social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer which helps you to become more productive by promoting your products/services on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram with a single click.

8. Analysis is important

Great output can only be achieved if we analyzed the input. So, frequently checkout the Google Analytics and google adword tracker tool to determine what is working positive and negative in your marketing campaign.

9. Make People Your Affiliate

Prepare a list of your previous customer who has purchased any product or service and has faith in your company. Ask them to share your company information on the basis of commission based platform which goona be boosting the credibility and awareness of your business.

Keep checking out the prices of media goals like CPM, CPI, CPA and much more.

10. Hire PR (Public Relation) Agency

Hire a good PR agency and get your news, article and public statements on the media. It results in improving your business visibility, awareness, and branding.


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