Why Most Businesses Prefer to Have a WordPress Website?

Those who thinks that WordPress sites are just for bloggers and small businesses need to think about it again. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, VanHeusen, and Forbes run their websites successfully on WordPress. Today, about 26.4% of the entire web has been covered by Wordpress which is enough to convey the popularity of this amazing CMS.

So what makes WordPress the most popular Content Management System in the world? It is an open source platform that anyone can start using for free. It provides users with the bundle of plugins, themes, and layout which make it highly flexible to build a website the way you want.

WordPress goes beyond just a blogging platform and performs effectively for eCommerce, social networking and another type of sites. If you are not able to decide whether WordPress is perfect for developing your business website, then get acquainted with its incredible traits so you can rely on it confidently.

1. Strong community support
Wordpress has a huge user base which actively participates in its forum to help solve queries related it. Whether you know the basic or entirely new to the WordPress, you can get answers to all your questions instantly on the forum. Furthermore, there are plenty of blogs and websites that speaks about WordPress where you can learn everything from creating WordPress account to installing plugins and optimizing your web page for search engines.

2. Content-oriented
Content is a King! It is what help you engage the audience and inspire them to take action. Those who want to build content oriented sites, WordPress is an ideal choice for them. It provides you with the ability to add, edit, remove content on your site effortlessly regardless of knowledge of coding.

3. SEO-friendly
It is said that a website without SEO is like a ship without a sailor. Until you optimize your site for search engines properly it will not able to reach its target audience and accomplish its objective. WordPress allows you to integrate plugin like Yoast which assess your post and provide you with the metrics to simplify your SEO and make it perfect.

4. Attractive design, awesome features, and powerful functionality
When a business owner invests in a web development, he expects something beyond his expectations. WordPress provides developers with numerable themes and plugins to create a website tailored to client's unique needs.

It is possible to build a fully functional WordPress site without investing a penny. However, if you want to use that site to represent your business, then investing in plugins and themes certainly a wise decision in order to give your site a unique look and feel which is essential to draw attention and gain a competitive advantage.

5. Robust Security
Most of the entrepreneurs choose platform while giving prime most importance to website security. Certain WordPress themes are highly secure. They help you keep your data secure from spam attacks. Also, it is possible to keep a regular backup of your data by using plugins such as VaultPress.

6. Mobile responsive
Since Google has started giving preference to mobile friendly websites in its search engine result pages, it has become vital to turn your website design into responsive. WordPress comes with a mobile responsive code that enables your visitors to view your site via their mobile. It automatically detects mobile visitor and adjusts your site's setting for mobile viewing.

6. Instant and affordable web development
Website development is a time-consuming task especially when it involves complex functionality. WordPress takes the hassle out of designing and developing a website as it provides you with everything you need to build a top quality website instantly. Furthermore, it saves your cost. Thus, proves to be an ideal platform for website development.

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