Why Choose Magento to Develop Your eCommerce Website?

Are you planning to build a powerful eCommerce website for your business? Before investing your hard earn money, make sure to choose the right platform that helps you reap great rewards.

When it comes to choosing a platform for quality eCommerce development, there is no comparison with Magento. It supports around 25% eCommerce sites across the world including some renowned brands like Nike, Huawei, and Samsung.

Why Magento?

Though there are many eCommerce platforms available in the market offering unique features for merchants, Magento is considered as the most trusted one for small to large businesses. It is an open source platform that features functionalities essential to support a dynamic online store. It not only offer a wide range of excellent features but also provides store owners with the flexibility to operate their online stores effortlessly.

Let's see the few key characteristics of Magento that make it an ideal choice for modern merchants.

  • Highly user-friendly platform.
  • Designed specifically for eCommerce.
  • Loaded with a wide range of easy to use features.
  • Simple and secure shipping management, payment and product building.
  • Instant and flexible functions.
  • Auto updates to the website.
  • Helping in developing scalable websites.
  • Support multiple stores at the same time.

What makes Magneto the best in the pool?

E-commerce marketplace is experiencing a cut-throat competition among online merchants. Demand for innovative features and minutely changing buying patterns of customers have made eCommerce development a challenging task for developers. Magento enables developers to fulfil new generation merchants with cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. It helps build online store integrated with features that help sellers stay ahead of the customer's trend and deliver quality user-experience necessary to generate sales and revenue.

Here are few crucial features of Magento that make it stand tall in the crowd.

  • Open source platform having the support of the most active community of eCommerce developers.
  • Tailor-made for eCommerce.
  • Out of the box features.
  • Integration of innovative extensions.
  • Google analytics, store and sales tracking.
  • Provides you with the freedom of choosing hosting service.
  • Facilitate cost-effective expansion.
  • Easier integration of the third-party apps.
  • Customizable and modular.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Enable you to create a platform that loads fast.
  • Allows creating a mobile friendly store with its HTML5 capabilities.
  • Run multiple stores from a single backend.
  • Cost-effective eCommerce develolpment.

The list doesn't end here. These are the only key characteristics of Magento which are sufficient enough to convey its superiority over other platforms.

How Magento eCommerce development help you boost your ROI?

Magento helps you build a modern online store which enables you to establish a powerful online presence, simplify your business and provide you with higher ROI. Let's see how it turns your online business into profit.

Today's customers want instant gratification. They want to purchase product instantly from their favorite eCommerce sites. Magento enables you to integrate easy checkout process in your website with its checkout extension which combines various processes of checkout into one. Thus it simplifies the purchase and stops buyers from abandoning your site during checkout. Eventually, it increases sales.

Lengthy and complicated checkout process can not be the only reason buyers abandon your store. There might be some other reasons that you must know to improve your selling process. Magento detects abandon shopping cart by tracking the checkout process. Using this information, you can take a follow-up of such buyers and find out the issue they encountered. This gesture from you can inspire your shoppers to visit your store again and complete the order.

Buyers forget your site's link easily. Chances are high if the link is complicated or too long. Most of the buyers prefer to find products they like by searching it on Google or other major search engines. They find out your storefront through search results. Magento provides you with the extension that not only turn your link into short and search engine friendly but also help you optimize your entire product page. Ultimately, your page gets found easily on the internet that resulted in more customers and sales.

Last but not the least, Magneto helps merchants to create eCommerce websites and stores with a responsive design which is highly crucial in today's mobile world to deliver quality user experience across all the devices. As your website will perform well on desktop and mobile it certainly succeeds in engaging more customers and provide you with higher ROI.

The above-mentioned information about Magento is just a glance on features that it offers. You can get much more than this by embracing Magento eCommerce development for your business. If you have more information about Magento development, please feel free to contact us. We will be happier than you to solve your queries and provide you with the best possible suggestions.


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