Security Factors Those Should Not Be Overlooked in an E-commerce Site

In the last few years, E-commerce businesses have succeeded in skyrocket their growth. The momentum seems to remain the same in the year 2017. It's no more secret that the thousands of customers visit eCommerce sites every day and perform transactions. Online shopping is certainly on the rise and it has brought great opportunities for online sellers to earn amazing revenue.

Considering the increasing popularity of online purchasing, eCommerce web development has become a lucrative business option for retailers. However, one should not forget to see the another side of the coin that is security threats. E-commerce sites are the soft targets for the cyber criminals to draw the personal information about people including their credit card numbers and email addresses etc. The famous eBay hack happened in the year 2014 was the best example in this regards that unveil the vulnerabilities associated with the online business.

If you are wondering how to protect your eCommerce site, then look at these security factors that you should not overlook during the process of your eCommerce web development.

1. Selection of a secure eCommerce platform

You may find plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the market. But when it comes to choosing the one, make sure to prefer protection over glimmer. Get insight into security features and understand how it helps you safeguard your customers. If they are not convincing, then just go to the next one.

In terms of the popularity, Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify come on the top position. They are in the demand because they offer powerful security features. Choose the best among them that provide multiple layers of security to assure maximum protection to your site.

2. Utilization of VPN

Your customers perform a financial transaction on your eCommerce site. Thus they concern about security than any other thing as they share their personal information with you. Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can safeguard the transaction information of your customers.

If you find this option expensive. Then, you can consider VPN based on SSL which is far cheaper than the traditional VPN service.

3. Integration of multi-layer security

Implementing single solution can't be enough to protect your site from malicious attackers. Keep multiple options in place to deal with them.

No one gives the 100% guarantee for online security. Cyber criminals are persistent. They keep finding loopholes. The only solution is to create multiple layers of security. Thus, if attackers succeed in breaching one layer they find another in front of them.

4. Implementation of 2FA Authentication and SSL certificate

By implementing two-factor (2FA) authentication with your online store, you can enhance its security level. It asks valid users to reveal their identity by using two different ways of identifications. One way involves identification via code while another way including username or password. Here, cyber criminals or hackers may crack the username or password but it is difficult for them to find out code.

Most of the online breaches happen due to stolen credentials of website users. Hackers have numerous ways to steal or presume valid credentials of web users. An authentication method such as two-factor help stopping hacking attempts.

When it comes to the safety of transactions performed over the internet, SSL certificates considered as a standard in the existing time. It is vital for eCommerce sites to implement SSL to ensure the security of the connectivity between your online store and buyers.

5. Selection of a secure payment gateway

Your customers pay you through the payment gateway available on your site. While knowing about different payment gateways from Magento development experts at Panacea Infotech, we came to know that the right way of identify verification is the only solution to prevent cyber attacks. By making a selection of a right payment engine that offers maximum security can help you keep your store trustworthy and safe.

6. Make a wise selection of web hosting service provider

If you think the security of your eCommerce site depend on the software you have chosen, then you are right to some extent. But, there is an another key factor that helps you protect your site is web hosting. You get the two options including shared hosting and dedicated hosting to choose for your site. Dedicated hosting is considered as far secure than shared one. A reliable and experienced eCommerceweb development agency can help you choose the most secure web hosting service provider that provides you features such as SSL certificates and robust technical support.

Security is the prime most aspect of your eCommerce site that helps you win the trust of your customers. The more secure is your online store, the more customers likely perform online transactions on your site. Eventually, the safety of your site depends on the efforts you take and the tools you use to develop its functionality and security aspects. Choosing a right eCommerce web development partner, you can ensure the best possible security of your site. If you have any further query regarding eCommerce security, feel free to contact our experts.


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