How can #HashTag affect your Target Market on Social Media Sites

We are very well aware about the #hashtag. But have we ever thought How it can influence our social media marketing strategy as well as Target Audience? I think, not every common person can predict much about it.

So, let's take a walk to the both sides of the same door that are entirely different.

In our social media sites, peoples love to use hashtag while they are creating their post. But at that time we never think about how it influence our post. Suppose, we are handling an IT Company, our target audience is between 25 to 65 above age group. And we want to create a post which will target certain areas of any country. In that, our main objective is to generate business opportunities from our post using a hashtag.

Overrated and Overused #Hashtag “Does it affect our Social Media?”

In the Digital Marketing world, we are trying to retrieve information (topic/discussion/hashtag) from different social media sites for understanding the current trends. After having the list of the trendy hashtag, we will use it in our post. But we can't even predict about its result. We do it in the same way daily. What will happen if it is not reaching to our targeted audience, age group, geographical areas? I think, it is non of use or waste of efforts and time.
So, Before publishing any post, we try to find out how much it can affect our social media post.
  • 1 or 2 hashtags will give you approximately 800 (Avg) interactions.
  • 3 to 5 hashtags will give you approximately 608 (Avg) interactions.
  • 6 to 10 hashtags will give you approximately 378 (Avg) interactions.
In a nutshell, we can say that 2-3 hashtag per post is very beneficial for us. But this analysis is not suitable for all type of situation because of the market trends, the content of the post (images, videos, text, hyperlink, hashtag) can also affect our interactions and engagement rate in various situations.
Using hashtags, we can only able to build a link or bridge for other relevant posts which gives us more reach, interaction, engagement, popularity only if when our content of the post containing good material.

Now, you may understand what & how much hashtag use for a single post.

Are you really sure from now that your post will give you the better result?
I think not sure, you need to know some more important aspects of using a hashtag in your post.
  • A hashtag can take your post in other direction only if the hashtag reflecting various meaning itself. For example a Hashtag #Orange in the post: #orange can be considered as a software, fruit, manufacturing industry name.
    • So while we are posting it we need to define hashtag clearly: “#orangefruit” if it comes under fruit category.
    • It should not contain single word until it is popular in the trends of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and useful for your post. It should reflect a complete meaning which is relevant to your post.
Conclusion: Sometimes hashtag can help you to boost your post but we need to always be conscious about “Are we achieving our target audience or not ”?