Top 7 Ways to Create a Social Media Post that Goes Viral

Social media plays a key role in the digital marketing. In fact, it has emerged as a foremost medium for generating leads in the recent time. Therefore, social media marketers relentlessly looking for the ways to make their post engaging and viral.

Is there any science behind creating viral posts? The answer is NO. There is no secret recipe or checklist to create a post that achieves incredible reach and shares. But if you observe these posts carefully, you may find some characteristics common among them. These characteristics engage people and inspire them to share the word. Simply put yourself at your audience place and analyze your own behavior towards social media post across various platforms can help you get what you are looking for at some extent. In this article, you will discover few attributes that you must consider while crafting your own post to enhance its chances of getting shared by your target audience.

1. Content relevancy to what people speaking about at the moment

Keeping your content relevant to ongoing events or what people talking about currently, helps you drive people's attention towards your post. If your content is related to what your target audience actively searching for, it likely to achieve many shares, even your topic is irrelevant.

The first step to go viral is to publish an up-to-date content. It increases the visibility of your post. To know what is in trend, Twitter is the perfect platform to keep your eyes on. Accordingly, you can change your hashtag and topics.

2. Write a compelling and clear headline

Writing a compelling and easy-to-understand headline is the first step to capturing the attention of your audience. It entices your viewers to go through your post and click on the link you have shared. No matter how informative or exciting your content is, if your headline is mundane, your content will certainly not work for you.

Remember, your post is always in competition with other posts or social updates related to your niche. Therefore, ensure to write a title far more compelling than other aspects of our posts.

3. Give an emotional touch

Humans are emotional creatures. Most of the viral post have the emotional element in common. Without putting some emotions in your content, it becomes boring for the viewers and no one likes to share the boring stuff. Considering this fact, while creating a post for social media, many digital marketing services providers try to craft the posts that connects emotionally to their audience.

In this regards, make sure to keep in mind some basic emotions such as happiness, surprise, sadness, anger and disgust. Examine whether content that you have crafted trigger any of these emotions. As per observation, people prefer which is humorous, touching or make them feel positive.

4. Find out your viewers' preferences

To make any post viral, it is important that it should reach to its target audience. Therefore, make sure you are targeting the right audience while performing your digital marketing activities especially social media marketing. Once your comprehend who is your target audience, learn what they like to view, prefer and shared in the past. Crafting a post that appeal certain audience help you establish a better connection with your viewers. People share the posts relevant to their liking.

5. Use attractive images

You might have heard the English idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In social media marketing, images contribute hugely in making your post viral. An attractive image not only draws the attention of viewers but also inspire people to like your post. Incorporating high-quality images relevant to your topic certainly increases the value of your post.

6. Join groups and fan pages

Joining groups and fan pages on platforms such as Facebook is the finest way to increase the reach of your post and drive traffic to your website or blog. If you are running a blog about web development, join the groups of web developers and businesses that likely to need your service.

If you join fan pages, ensure to comment on their pages not daily but once or twice in a week. The comment you make should be helpful. You can include the link to your blog or website in your comment.

7. Publish it on the right time

If you want to make your post viral, you need to hit the spot at the right time. Nowadays, social media platform such as Facebook provides you with the insight of your posts where you can find at what time most of your viewers are active.

Publish different post at the most favorable time and find out what kind of content gets more engagement. Choose the best time for your posts and increase their chances to go viral. Eventually, your post need to be found by the right people at the right time makes all the difference. However, it completely a matter of luck. We can only put our best efforts.

The above-discussed facets will surely help you create a compelling social media post that takes you to a large number of audiences. If you need help regarding social media marketing or digital marketing for your business, get in touch with us, we will surely provide you with the best in the market.


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